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Hijacked into a Tachyon thread

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2002 9:00 pm    Post subject: Hijacked into a Tachyon thread Reply with quote

Originally posted by Apollo
Plot? Storyline? I'm tired of player created storylines which are generally lame and have no way to alter events anyway. When do we actually get the dynamic three year storyline we were promised at release? Ship balance is important and needs to be addressed, but if Netdevil hadn't messed it up at the beginning of release maybe, just maybe, we'd actually get to see some kind of plot.

more like the publishers (3DO at the time) nixed (no pun intended) the idea for a test pilot server...this all could have been undertaken before release, but 3DO vetoed that idea...

now we have the test pilot roster for the pvpers to get their beloved nix fix, we hopefully will see GM_Moll get geared up enough to start engineering faction missions to suit our "Reconstruction Initiative" tastes. (wanna get a new refuel/rearm/repair depot done? why not hold an informal vote at the next "Storytelling" event...without hijacking it. just a quick RP'd live vote instead of railroading the entire storytelling session)
    Course, now that i think about it, trying to keep something like that from becoming an *OOC* whine and cheese festival would be like trying to stop the tide
As for the epic 3 yr storyarc we've all been sold? It's have to look for it, and you can forget anyone "winning" at the end of 3's just going to continue on until ND grow old or insane

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2002 1:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kami posted a link to an article about Gangs in Cyberspace that sparked a number of comments around a "griefer/carebear" theme, while we've heard all this before, i spotted something Kami said about RPGs (which i put in bold text below) piqued my interest. I'll talk about that after i post a few quotes i thought relevant to "An introduction to JG"...
GM_Arch0n wrote:

I think what is distressing in this article is that nowhere within do the authors mention that *death isn't permanent* in MMGs. When a journalist throws around labels like "death," "murder," "kill," and the like, to a non-gamer those words have a connotation of permanence, irrevocability, The Death Penalty.

Look at the loaded language: "gamers devise murderous strategies and swap screen shots of their virtual killings." And check out the purposeful connotation that death is permanent:
"But for people who spend months—if not years—building their characters, having them snuffed out by a 13-year-old with no sense of civic duty can be wrenching". Snuffed out!? What game lets another player snuff out another player's character?

I'd have expected better from Yahoo!

Kami wrote:
Oh I have no doubt the article is a bit skewed and the research not very deep, but it's still disturbing in some ways.

I'd make a distinction between quake type games (was it CS that was the subject?) and a MMORP.

It is a mentality that is growing though and can spread to same said. I see a lot of it. You can see it here, just reading the forums.
Go to some of the games in beta at the moment and read their forums. Same thing. Suggestions are Eve, and perhaps SWG. The RP has been pretty much removed from the online massive multiplayer environment. You can't enforce it, therefore it's not feasible, no matter how many excuses you throw at it.

For RPG, I'll stick to pen and paper, or perhaps a MU*. A piece of software can never determine intent, just whether you have or have not done something.

Razorskiss wrote:
Eh, the RP wasn't removed from MMORPG's - the maturity level of the people playing them reflects that of mainstream society.

For a child reared on Quake, CounterStrike, Delta Force, or the like, they just don't know any better. We had a hell of a time in Tachyon with this, as well. That game was completely, totally, left to the wolves by it's manufacturer. They kept the servers running (at times), but that was all. The "Clans" there are the ones that run the game - period. It would be the equivalent to the 10 largest squads in Jumpgate taking over all aspects of Roleplay, training, and management of the game in the larger sense - the "guardians" of the social stratum in place. The new players who came in were largeley teenage or college age, and all they wanted to do was kill sh*t - and totally disregarded the awesome possibilities of a well-balanced skill-based space simulator. It was our mission to shoot them down endlessly till they "got it", and played the game as it was meant to be played. As a space battle simulator, not a fragfest.

In Tachyon, the total lack of ANY kind of GM/Manufacturer intervention with hacking, harassment, threats and the like made it a very strict environment - imagine a REAL quake in space environment, with only the skills of a small group of truly dedicated veterans to keep it from degenerating into CounterStrike's lame hacker/kiddie fests. In my time there, I've seen meetings IRL of angry gamers seeking revenge for in-game insults, threats to gamer's person and families, character assassination, hacked personal info given out publically due to the sub-par security coded into the game, and a myraid of other anarchistic happenings. I WILL not, and CHOOSE not to play that game any more, despite working there on my own time and initiative for almost two years to keep that community a fun place to play in. The kiddies finally have taken over, more or less, with only one of the major squads left to keep the kids from running rampant. We got tired of the battle to keep it fun.

The simple fact that skill-based games are largely ruled by those of greater skill, is the only reason why Tachyon lasted as long as it did as a "fun" game for us. New Dawn, at one time, had over 40 members in that game, and flew with many, many members of this community that have "migrated" here. We know, after coming from a TRULY "Quake in space" game, that this will never be one, as much as it seems to most. Curiously, even as a squad founded in a very very skill-based flight sim, we don't feel the need for the PvP aspects of this game. We've bene there, done that. The awesome possibilities for *other things to do than fight others* are what intrigue us. As many old vets here can attest, those of us who have come from Tachyon are among the best in PvP, with a bit of practice. Or other flight sims, for that matter. Some of us like the different fighting style/model, and continue to fight, other do not. It's a choice we never got in Tach.

Perspective is everything. For those coming from a UO, or AO, or EQ, this may seem "overly violent". For those of us coming from a REAL quake in space flight sim... This is nothing =)

It all depends on where you come from

I haven't a clue why Kami posted that "RP being unenforceable" line, and i'll do my best to figure that out...ah well, time for sleep. tired
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 11, 2003 1:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Razorskiss wrote:
Novaworld bites.

I hate them with a passion that reaches rabid levels.

I took over the biggest "fansite" for Tachyon and ran it for quite a while, but frustration with the rampant hacks in the game, and the "hands-off" policy of Nova's pissed me off - badly.

Players have taken over Tachyon in every sense of the word - they've done 7-8 3rd party addons that are hacked onto the server to add ships, weapons, and maps - I was the *only* one that ever asked Nova if we could do it, and I NEVER GOT A RESPONSE. The hacks are not only unauthorized, but not even noticed by Novaworld. We had a good team of programmers with a lot of respect in the community, and they did the initial hacks. They also did server versions which both had the ability to disallow hacked clients, but pick and choose what you allowed into your server.

NONE of that was in the original client, or server structure, but the client was SO full of holes, that it was absurdly easy to do.

That game is only still around because players kept it that way. Seriously.

I joined Tach shortly after it was released, and I still pop in occasionally. But it's not the same game, despite our efforts. ND started in Tach, and we have a soft spot for it still. But most of our friends have moved.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, 2003 4:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh, I have some better ones from our old forums.

But yes, I have a serious issue with Novalogic =)

And if you ever give them a red cent - I hope you burn in hell for encouraging the worst game company I have EVER seen ...

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