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Trophies and Titles

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2003 9:05 am    Post subject: Trophies and Titles Reply with quote

JOSSH recruiting poster (US server) (EU server)
    Much thanks to [Anguish] for not only motivating my lardbutt into creating this thread, but also alerting me to this bit of info (and i'll keep my personal opinion of this subject to myself) :
Razorskiss wrote:
Well, technically, the titles system doesn't always award everyone all the titles they are, well, entitled to . In essence, it's a tiered list of titles that sometimes overlap. This may be an opportunity for a Q & A session concerning how it's decided which titles take precedence, and why. If we go by list order, EoTV is the last title on the list, so if you qualify for any of the above prior to the qualifications for EoTV, the tier system catches you there, rather then at the next level.

You and Dice were pretty close, if both of your numbers are correct. Kelvar has been tracking numbers for quite some time now, and he was saying a bit about the "race" late last evening. At the time he mentioned it, you were at 400 ~, Dice had broken 600, and Alpha was at 180~. It was tossup between you and Alpha we figured, while we were talking about it, because it depended on how many shots you fired vs Dice, and how much exp. you had accrued vs Alpha. It looked pretty close at that point, when we were talking the numbers over.

This does give a good opportunity to discuss *just* how the Titles system works, however, so if it's got a problem, we can add it to Josh's "todo" list, in the future.

AFAIK, the titles are on a "tier" system, based on the listing on JOSSH.


Is this correct, GMs (some old betatesters may know as well)? Or is their some kind of formula that determines precedence?

As it stands, it looks like Pendants are mixed in with 2 Midsize trophies, with Pendants coming up on top, over the midsize trophy of EoTV. Right/Wrong?
BhaChewy wrote:
One of the GMs (I don't remember which) said it is figured from 4:00AM to 3:59AM MST. The pilot with the most flux kills in that period gets the title for the next cycle unless he qualifies for a higher level title also, then it goes to next in line.
nanotech wrote:
Well, JOSSH time is Mountain time, which includes Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. It is one hour ahead (add one hour to) Pacific time which includes Washington, Oregon, and California time zone.

Themis Group are in North Carolina (EST) so a few states to use would be Maine, Connecticut, Washington DC, New York, Florida, etc.
That might help quite a bit.... Oh, and don't forget the US does that really strange thing called Daylight Savings Time. Once a year (in the spring) the clocks get set ahead an hour, and once a year (in the fall) the get set back again.

(of course, the fall and spring for the US is opposite of you Aussie folks)
Achilles wrote:
But for final clarification, the stats for each title are calculated from 4am of one day to 3.59 am the next, Mountain time? Or in other words, Grand Master Assassin is awarded to the pilot that get the most kills in the time period mentioned above?
nanotech wrote:
That has been my experience, yes.

(not with the GMA of course. But I have held GMBH, OE, SOE, EOTV, TS, OE, SOE, APE, PSS)

GMBH = Grand Master Bounty Hunter
OE = Operations Expert
SOE = Superior OE
EOTV = Exterminator of the Void
TS = Transport Specialist
OE = Operations Expert
SOE = Superior OE
APE = Affluent Profits Expert
PSS = Projectile Sniping Specialist

Of course, the only time I ever held OE/SOE was when Hurricane wasn't playing!!!!*
BhaChewy wrote:
Mountain Time = UTC - 7

UTC = Coordinated Universal Time = Greenwich Mean Time = GMT
A couple of links:
GM_Moll wrote:
Ekoo: Eastern (GMT -5), aka Themis time.
Cornea: Central (GMT -6)
Mokk's: Mountain (GMT -7), aka Server Time, aka ND time.
Pulsar: Pacific (GMT -8)
Amananth: Australia (GMT +10)
Hyperial: Hawaiian (GMT -10)

Archived JOSSH news articles awarding trophies and titles (including special medals reserved for special occasions)

TRI Recreation and Morale[/url] wrote:
Also remember in light of the new year before us, we have archived our database of nominations to make a fresh start, and strongly encourage people to submit new nominations for worthy pilots. Our current Medals and Incentives Guide (TRI Press, 102, 103) is available, and pilots can nominate each other for the following awards through this form:
Sarath's Shoulder
Sarath's Laughter
Sarath's Pride
Echoes of Hope
Watt's Sun

Faction Medals:
Mane of Hamalzah/Hamalzah's Divine Grace
Night's Blade/National Honors
Golden Heart/Foundation of the Trust

As a reminder, TRI RMD will only give a medal for minimum of two (2) nominations, one (1) of which must be from a pilot not within the same squad. We have now cleared out our current list of nominations and will be looking forward to reading new ones," commented Director Tetsab.

Congratulations to all of these pilots.

TRI RMD Announces New Award Recipients (Echoes of hope, Golden Heart)
TRI RMD Starts 103 Off Right With Awards (Echoes of Hope, Sarath's Shoulder)
Title Olympics Back On Track, Pt. 2
Octavian Tournament Events Announced (knight's blade)
Greenfire Demonstrates Profit Expertise
Achilles Picks Up Exterminator of the Void
G. Rasputin: Fatality Expert!
MISkuGUN Takes First Title In Title Olympics
Grinch Sets Out To Destroy Holiday; Pilots Persevere! (Tache's Crest)
TRI Announces Title Olympics!
TRI RMD Notes Top-Notch Organizers (Echoes of Hope)
TRI-RMD Recognizes Science Helpers (Samon's Legacy, Keval's Thanks, Tache's Crest, Echoes of Hope)
Artifact Collection A Success! (Samon's Legacy)
Races Tonight! (Ronin's Choice)
TRI RMD Produces Recent Awards List (Tache's Crest, Samon's Legacy, Sarath's Shoulder)
Hornet Graced With Foundation of the Trust (duh)
TRI RMD Honors Worthy Pilots (Sarath's Pride, Tache's Crest)
Society's Latest News (Fish Hook, Sarath's Rage)
Upcoming Events and Activities (All Nations Flag)
Speedway supreme medals awarded (duh)
RMD Releases Latest Medals List (Sarath's Shoulder, Sarath's Pride, Tache's Crest)

I'll stop there...the Squad/Pilot JOSSH news archives are almost 50% dedicated to medals. I'm sure if i've enough time and interest in the subject i'll go about digging further for more medal award examples.

(UMEC's version of JOSSH recruiting posters)
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EU Advisor
EU Advisor

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2003 12:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Unfortunately titles are a long-standing bug on the EU server. The best a new pilot can hope for is it be awarded a "null". Those with proper titles have held them for the best part of a year.

One other misconception worth clearing up: Some medals are automatically awarded by the game when certain criteria are met, and some are awarded by GMs. Those without very specific criteria are normally the GM awarded ones. One that has caused some confusion is Sarath's Shoulder - this is not automatically awarded for having a lot of mentoring medals, it's a GM awarded medal.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2003 3:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

offtopic yeah, and they oughta code in more mentor medal conversions to get rid of all those "levelled to 10" medals into "levelled 10 to 10 medals" (hurricane's practicallly broke his profile because of that)
    course, that's majorly low on the "to-do" list. i'll shutup now
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