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EU rumours of GM bias (squad sponsoring)

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2003 8:49 am    Post subject: EU rumours of GM bias (squad sponsoring) Reply with quote

Snuk (pilot profile) wrote:
I just hear a_flower killed 3 arti ships so far, I killed 1, you guys together 4 = 8 arti ships. I wonder where Jade Falcon get all their stuff... *looks at GMs*
GMnibbles wrote:
Snuk you can take my word that NO arties have been given to JF by a GM. If you have any evidence to the contrary email me ASAP and I will deal with it. This is against the rules and MG WILL NOT stand for this sort of behavior from OP's or GM's.
MajorFreak wrote: know, GMNibbles, i took that to mean something else indeed. i thought he meant: *looks at GMs who don't seem to be taking this seriously* instead of *looks at guilty party who gave arties away* It just BEGS the question, doesn't it? (though i don't exactly put alot of weight onto the POV of someone's statements; Freud said long ago: "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar")

reminds me of an old rumour Luke resurrected recently here. Anyways, after i'd replied i had to goto work and since it was dead boring tonight i thought up a reply to any smart ass who was gonna tell me that MG are known to give Arties and STFU (but, unfortunately noone took the bait. blah)========= below was gonna be the canned reply ===========
Usage of Irony wrote:
In its nonliterary uses, irony often refers to a perceived incongruity between what is expected and what actually occurs, especially if what actually occurs thwarts human wishes or designs. People sometimes misuse the words ironic, irony, and ironically, applying them to events and circumstances that might better be described as simply coincidental or improbable, in that the events suggest no particular lessons about human vanity or folly.
  1. st level of Irony: I could probably link specific instances of GM sponsored Arties. I'm quite aware of the fact MG has a habit of saying what they mean, but not meaning what they say. (shades of US server 3DO poGBS statements, so they don't have a monopoly on doublespeak)

  2. nd level of Irony: The fact is I meant what i said in the previous post: To get "what matters" across to hotheaded players and officials that focusing on taking the community RP seriously is more important than engaging in stupid semantic clarification flame wars about speculations and accusations of RoC violations that look to everyone else to be like just another whine and cheese festinal over nothing! a) For MG to accept the fact a few squads with longevity build up a rep to the point THEY become the rightful storyline for the vast majority of customers who would otherwise ignore RP. b) For those few PvP squads with this rep to realize that the vast majority of customers refuse to get involved in nonconsentual RP.

  3. rd level of Irony: I bloody well know (and approve of the fact) that MG has a policy as a business to maintain some influence on the boisterous and riotous PvP squads, and even if they treated it Laissez-Faire like ND/TG does on the US server, this crowd would STILL bitch, moan and whine just. like. you. folks. are. doing. now. (MG doesn't own the patent on this practice either -- Verant does; Sony has realized that veteran internet junkies actually stick around longer if you throw monkeywrenches...they actually ENJOY the stress, wierd as it may seem. Just look at the population of Everquest and the soon to be SWG.)

  4. th level of Irony: The US server's Laissez-Faire attitude with the economy, FMs, PvP squads and RP is THE reason their population sucks. So deal with MG acting like big brother because they are, for all their faults, doing it right. just. look. at. the. numbers.

  5. th leve of Irony:
========= end post =========

la la la...i wonder if i'll catch any rabbits? think someone'll bite the bait i left on MG forums? hmmmmmm. Only way i'll get away with using the above without looking like an idiot.
ElmerFudd wrote:
Be vewwy vewwy quite. I'm hunting waaaabbits
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2003 11:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

GM_Iskander wrote:
Not that you've seen, exactly. That doesn't mean nothing happens.

One JF member was banned for 7 days for blatant discoing, which is regarded as a cheat.
One other JF member received a warning as is currently facing a lvl 1 ban.
The squad as a whole has been advised to review their stance towards the rest of the server.

All this, of course, means nothing unless we proclaim it in big, shiny letters on our frontpage. And while you (you as in all of you, not Ceebee specifically) may think that more JF pilots, or maybe even the whole squad, should be banned, to that I can answer that no, we're not biased. For if we did this, wouldn't we be biased towards you all? We review each case neutrally, and if that means that some pilots you people wanted banned won't be, then so be it...

well. that about wraps it up for my thread i think. case closed. JF aren't sponsored by anyone but their own "Farming" accounts.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2003 4:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ND general forum thread
ah yes, and here we go again with Luke's aggro nature. Anyone remember this guy being in Nazgul squad? gee, anyone remember him being one of the core members who just love to change names? Anyways, after ranting he rants even more. Possibly even saying the truth here:
Luke wrote:
Aye, those same people are artied for how many months now? Half a year at least. And with a couple of exceptions they die PLENTY with those arties yet never run out. The "we arti hunted for a month" excuse I've heard many months ago. It's obviously BS but the EU folk and GM's belive it. They laughed at me when I first pointed it out. Then months after we learned (from EU pirates) and reported to ND how the duping of artifacts works this was the only response:

A bug has been fixed which allowed some players to duplicate items by trading the maximum possible amount of items that may be held in cargo.

Nothing done about the cheaters who used it. Nothing done to their FULL tows of top grade arties. And yes a full tow of ab4's, engines, shields, powerplants and cm4's does look pretty awesome. A year later nothing has changed. Pirates still die with arties every few days and they still aren't running out. EU folk are slaughtered by them left and right but they'll still defend them when you start to question the source of those arties.

he wouldn't dare lie or his credibility would just plummet. i'm sure he wouldn't. i doubt he's that dumb to make that ND announcement up...Anyways, Zaltys responds:
Zaltys wrote:
Sure, arti duping, now that one was real. I'm certainly not disputing that. People cloned huge towloads of arties. Among most of the community those have run out now (TDP, for example, ran out ages ago afaik). Artie spawns are actually further on EU.

Up until recently, there were very few arty ships around. The recent glut of pirates has seen an explosion in arti hunting, and the price on arties has plummeted. Guess who many of the oh-so-abused traders are totally willing to sell their arties to? I don't doubt that stocks are being released slowly from old tows full of dupes, but there are plenty of other factors involved.

JF seem to have pretty much run out of arties now, TDP have lost a few arti ships recently which have not been replaced. TBH weren't at war with anyone serious for a period of months, so they had time to build up a large storew of arties.

After that, it just resorts to Luke bullshitting once his favorite half-truth is debunked...He won't give up. it's just too much fun for him to stir shit. ("new" program my ass; i'm sure there is, and i'm sure something similar is exploiting yet another way to dupe/find/etc, but they'd be cheaters and cheaters aren't exactly treated nicely)
    what i find hilarious is the insistance that MG or TG or ND are apathetic. lol. More likely Luke's enjoyment comes from his impatient, low content rants that are 95% pure speculation and squad hissy fit propaganda where he gets to be the asshole he can't be in real life.
*shrug* I don't doubt that Luke is still "active" and likes the game, and has moments where he doesn't act like an ass or a raging griefer...It's a pity all he's good for is acting that way, otherwise he'd be yet another forgetable PvP pilot with some skill to back it up. No real Roleplaying ability beyond making excuses why he lost or won or whatever; No real Helpful attitude beyond making like santa claus perhaps. (probably the only reason he'd actually helped someone is if he benefitted directly from it through recruiting a squadie or otherwise trying to be a 'Player'; seriously, who thinks Luke is more hindrance than help to the community? Only reason i think of to naysay that would be "getting griefed is 1337!")

What good are these ranters for? Sure you can rant and stuff, i do that lots, but sheeesh! All he's ever been good at is simply that. nothing more. (if you recall i don't think his squad's exploits improved the game -- more likely they sabotaged anything that threatened their egos)
    it's like he's saying the game sucks forever because of exploits a., b. and subsection Ze.1ab ...You can be damned sure he'll have a list of credentials to boast about once JG's population grows to decent levels and start the 0\^/@g3 all over again. (not to mention rationalizing the exploitation for his own uses)
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