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United Mining Exploration Commission: A group of friends playing JumpGate-- "a MMORPG that launched smoothly, breaks from fantasy character setting, emphasizes PvP, and is the first persistent world space simulator that nobody talks about." ~Scorch
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Eve players discuss homeworld

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2003 3:50 pm    Post subject: Eve players discuss homeworld Reply with quote

BobFunk wrote:
    "The PvPers of Jumpgate have probably turned off about 80-90% of that game's customers. It's crazy."
Its quite opposite in my oppinion. For all the friends I know that tried out JG and either just disliked it or quit after a while one thing was in common: they did not at all quit due to 1337 PvPers in any way. On the contrary they probably quit because the non-PvP tasks in JG is basically very very boring (fly fom this point to this point, fly back again, use a program to tell what traderoute is the most profitable and then do what that program suggested or go and kill some very primitive AI that allways reacts the same and never surprises you).

I definitively think that JG would have been far more successfull had it allowed players to get into PvPing a lot easyer than its currently the case, since the PvP battles of JG is its true strenght - not the fed-ex simulator part.

I dont see that UO and JG has prooven anything about the possibility of having a successfull MMORPG based on PvP. On the contrary the initial success of wwiionline (it jumped directly to the top of the sales charts when released) prooved that there is a huge market for PvP in a massive online environment. You might allso find the results of this poll about DAoC interesting - especially two questions:
    "Was it the RvR aspect of DAOC that brought you to the game, the PvE aspect, or a little of both?
    RvR = 62%
    A little of both = 30%
    PvE = 8%

    Is the RvR in DAOC what you expected, yes or no?
    Yes = 37%
    No = 63%
Only 8% of the players of DAoC - definitively the most successfull of the new MMORPGS - was brought to the game out of interest in PvE. Though most of the players was obviously disappointed with the PvP combat that actually was in the game.

To me this shows that what UO, JG, EQ and DAoC all has prooved is that their current way of implementing PvP is not very wellfunctioning and that developers of MMORPGs should be searching for new ways to address PvP - wich, as far as I can see, is exactly what CCP is doing, by basing EVE-online on PvP and not adding it as an afterthought, nor adding the control mechanisms for playerkilling as an afterthought..
Actually, there is a post that shows what EU server players don't like about's quite illuminating. You can find the thread talking about that, here

Personally, i think the game will bomb. I'm betting PKers invade and beat the living crap outta the NPC "police" and then go on griefing rampages using some stupid RP excuse (they always do; only time they don't if it's a "this game sucks, i'm quitting, before i go i'm ganking")
    bet you anything JG's population will improve once EvE players who played JG discover that JG really is a decent game, and all that "EvE storyline" wasn't the RP boon they hoped for.

    Besides, there's just too much exaggeration going on and not enough plain english. From the fanbois ranting one gets the picture you control a fast fleet of ships like HW if you're high level (hype; the truth is you get "storage/garages" as you level), that there's no levelling in the game (hype; the truth is you need to work on skills - a time sink that's even worse than JG's XP system, and just wait for the nerfs), And that there's more PvP in EvE. (hype; can't wait till the nerfs start and it goes carebear and people whine about being killed in risky areas)
not sure about the learning curve for the game or how helpful the manuals and FAQs are, but from what i've read it's pretty darned sparse. (i'll have to make an effort to look deeper tho)
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