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What do the Factions resemble?

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I prefer the generic approach that ND/MG take
 25%  [ 1 ]
I think the official pics are simply solrain racism
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I think this thread is useful in the ABSTRACT
 25%  [ 1 ]
Couldn't care less and i'd just like to say i luff pie
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2002 6:21 am    Post subject: What do the Factions resemble? Reply with quote

for an extremely pragmatic look at factions, see Fellblade's guide to factions instead.

SPECIAL EDIT: As of feb2003 i've decided that maintaining a literal interpretation of this thread would violate official records. I regret that i cannot think up any convincing *IC justification* that would support non-human looking faction distinctions (mainly because of the artwork on JOSSH that all factions access equally, and the writeups in the official manual plus MG's artwork, not to mention the biblio database referring to racial origins being similar) Therefore, the below racial images should be taken as an abstract visual aid that "personifies" each faction's cultural distinctions...perhaps in the future i may be inspired to reverse this disclaimer, but i doubt it. (personally, even i cannot pretend otherwise for my own's just too much of a cognitive dissonance)

Below is my *IC* impression of the three factions. This is the context that filters my perception of other people's "storyline posts/Roleplaying Events" and the motivations behind such...The below list has been taken from an old game i used to play a decade or more ago. MegaTraveller by GDW. The referenced quotes are taken from here (I have more detailed entries on the races, but unfortunately they are hidden in the woods in a park deep in British Columbia. *g*) The pictures i use came from this website which is also a very good introduction to MegaTraveller's history. *g*

    (I see the Octavian faction (Alternate)being this "Wolf-like" race)

    Society: The key elements shaping Vargr societies are a very strong centrifugal force resulting from an emphasis on personal leadership and a deeply ingrained family-group-race loyalty and an equally strong centripetal force resulting from acceptance only of informal lines of authority, an a constant competition for power between the more charismatic members of a group.

    Centralized authority is extremely limited at the upper levels of Vargr society, and action is based on broad coalition concerns, with a constant splitting and rejoining by dissident factions. Traditionally, this has made it very difficult for more centralized and organized societies such as the Imperium to deal on a meaningful basis with what passes for Vargr states.

    The Vargr have little respect for formal authority, and what respect they might have decreases as that authority becomes more remote. Vargr tend to respect informal authority figures more, and they obey superiors who are better known to them.

    The Vargr have an intensive racial pride, and they are easily insulted. They are prone to enter fights without regard to possible consequences. Vargr social organization is difficult to characterize in Terran terms, but it can be most closely compared to the Dakota Sioux of North America in c. -2700, if the analogy is not pressed too far.

    Even within the most stable Vargr governments, a highly charismatic leader can attract followers for almost any cause. The neighbors of the Vargr are constantly subject to impromptu raids and scattered piracy by bands of Vargr (totally without government sanction) who have been talked into a raid, a battle, or a war by a charismatic leader.

  • ASLAN (kilrathi-like)
    (I see the Quantar faction (Alternate) being this "Lion-like" race)

    Aslan Society The Aslan are a warrior race, proud, noble, and devoted to those in authority above them. An individual Aslan is usually a member of a family of from 2 to 12 individuals under a patriarchal leader. Several families will combine into a pride with one dominant family. A number of prides form a clan, with a dominant pride. Aside from military organisations and the ruling council (within the Hierate), the clan is the highest socio-political unit among the Aslan.

    A deep-seated territorial instinct causes the aslan to have an inordinate (from a human standpoint) concern with land. For male Aslan, owning land is a major goal in life. An Aslan's stature is determined by the amount of land he (or her husband) controls, or by the amount of land owned by any higher lord the Aslan may be vassal to. The lowest classes of Aslan are landless, and provide the farmers, labourers, craftsmen, and factory workers. A holder of a large territory will often grant authority over it to vassals (usually sons, brothers, or male relatives by marriage) who administer the land in his name.

    The sexes have very different roles in Aslan society. Males (in all but the lower classes) are concerned mostly with military operations, acquisition of territory, and political affairs.

    Females are concerned with trade, industry, and the accumulation of knowledge. Upper class males have little conception of money and are literally incapable of functioning in a technological society without aid, so they are thus seldom encountered without the supervision of a wife, mother, or other female relative or employer.

    For instance, a typical Aslan mercenary unit will be organised by a wealthy married female, who will then assign its operation, for a share of the proceeds, to an unmarried female relative. The battle commander and most of the troops will be unmarried males (many of them also relatives) hired with the promise of land grants (and the opportunity to gain honour and reputation in combat); however, staff, operations, supply, and intelligence officers will generally be female.

    The extremely deadly nature of any combat between Aslan has led to a rigid, ritualised pattern of behaviour designed to reduce conflict. Aslan are very polite, and while most have learnt to be patient with non-Aslan, accidental fights still occur. Disputes between individuals are handled by the patriarchs; disputes between families are handled by the pride leaders; disputes between prides are handled by clan leaders

    (I see the Solrain faction (alternate) being this "Human-like" race)

    Society. Early Vilani society was dominated by three groups: the shugilii, the aristocrats, and the merchants. Aristocrats were the natural leaders of society, the shugilii were the all important food processors, and the merchants controlled trade.

    With the flowering of Vilani society (circa -11,000) and its attendant industrial revolution, each of these three forces gained power rather than lost it; each participated in the creation of the industrialized wealth of Vland.

    In -9235 the Vilani made their ultimate breakthrough, one that would assure their ascendence for the next 6000 years. A research team working on the fringes of the Vland system created the first working prototype jump drive and demonstrated its effects.

    The Vilani discovered intelligent lifeforms on other worlds within 60 parsecs of Vland. None of the races had progressed enough to have begun interstellar travel. The Vilani found it easy to dominate these less technically advanced races. The Vilani were able to impose Vilani culture and law on these other races among the stars. However, the Vilani conquering was not of a militaristic nature, but was economic subjugation.

    As their sphere of influence was expanding, the Vilani found it difficult to maintain control across such great distances with jump-1 their maximum rate of travel and communication. At the same time, each of the three power classes of the Vilani society found themselves threatened by the forces around it.

    Three bureaus were established, each independent of the other two, and each assigned a territory among the stars for which it was responsible. Each of the three bureaus was effectively identical, but they initially espoused different philosophies, which were based on their origins. The bureaus maintained their own governments within their territories.

    Silarurshid, originating with the merchant class, emphasized interstellar trade. lakhidkarhn, originating with the aristocracy, emphasized interstellar government. Naasirka, originating with the shugilii, floundered after it found that it could not control food supplies on most worlds it dealt with, but it ultimately became a broad based organization, emphasizing energy, transport, and luxury goods.

    In -5430, the Vilani finally discovered jump-2. No other race had jump-2, and the Vilani maintained its monopoly on jump-2 by jealously guarding its secrets from all subject races.
offtopic *OOC* opinions...
JumpGate factions are pretty bland and lead people like Innominate to post Anti-Carebear rants which lead people to start thinking Generically. (It's a damned game, not a "reality" people need to deconstruct, especially by folks like innominate who see "trader" & "miner" and think 'Wuss Carebear')

To play Devil's Advocate - he's right in a way. If you imagine the Solrains as MontyPython shrubbery merchants, and Quantars as rather eccentric pacifist monks addicted to rather toxic substances, i'm sure there's a place in neverneverland for you.

The problem revolves around which race is the "superior warrior faction", and concern that Octavians have the right to be the best darned fighters around with big clanking balls of iridium. (course, being all dressed in red and having your home planet called ARES Prime just adds fuel to that fire)

How do we deal with this issue of the other factions having decent combat prowess and a right to be just as balanced regarding combat?? Therein lies the problem and the solution...

Lessie now,
  • I'd call the Octavian motivation for combat prowess to be "Might makes right." (When in Rome...)
  • The Quantar motto is bloody obvious: "What weapon do I require? For behold, I am the Lion... I am the weapon." (can you say, "Shaolin monk"? i knew you could)
  • I'd call the Solrain motivation for combat prowess to be "Might makes money." (your typical capitalist mindset)

P.S. just for fun (since MightyGames and NetDevil seem to have "humanoid" concepts of the races) let's do the conflux. *g* Female Conflux Cultist (frontal) (perspective). You can see a real conflux pilot behind the cultist in the 2nd pic. (of course, this is just a concept)
    i *IC* justify ND's/MG's humanoid approach as Solrain racism. In all seriousness *OOC* there's no real point in arguing about what the races really look like since the coding's not there to let us walk around the spacestations. But, until that day arrives i'm perfectly happy to enjoy fleshing out the boring official race distinctions.
BTW, just found out who was the artist for my "conflux cultist" pics. (Dorian Cleavenger)

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2002 6:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's another article on that deals with Archetypes

Also there's a new section dealing with faction overviews.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 15, 2002 9:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's an old archived thread where pilots tell why they chose their faction.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 1:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

just added the pics today. *g* (plus slotted some smaller versions into the JumpGate avatar folder)

Oh yes, and i found Innominate's old bitchfest about factions (that dead link i had above was found)
Innominate wrote:
Faction Roles
This crap about the octs being the "fighting" faction for players who want to fight, and sols for trading, quants for mining, is IMO the biggest misunderstanding in the game is the oversimplification of the factions. The different factions dont have fixed roles. Quants arent THE miners, sols arent THE traders, octs arent THE fighters.

The Solrain culture emphasizes profit, at all costs. It's not "Hey lets go move cargo" its "hey lets go make a crapload of money" Does it sound plausible that any finance based nation wouldn't fight? Hell, many United States military actions are based around money, and US interests. The solrain are absolutly ruthless in thier business practices, making military actions an obvious option when profit is involved. The myth of solrain being peacefull traders is WRONG.

The quantar are a strongly religious people. A key part of thier religion happens to be mining. This does NOT make the quants simply peacefull miners. How many people have died in wars over the centuries over religion? Again, the belief of quantar being peacefull miners is WRONG.

And now the octs, thier current identity crisis is a bit of a problem, but hardly a huge deal. The octs are basicly a tribal society, they're in constant power struggles. Oct space is also very limited in resources, forcing the Octs to extend thier reach to get much needed resources. Octs tend to be more agressive, and fight over more petty things, but are NOT the warrior faction. Quoteing from JOSSH: "Octavian pilots prefer to gain recognition for actions of personal glory and personal financial success."

Basicly, All factions are human beings. All want money, All fight when it suits thier purpose. There is no miner faction, no cargo faction, no fighting faction. There are three factions, with different cultures, ideals, and drives, but who all do essentially the same things. Boiling down the entire culture into "Solrain are traders" is a horrible oversimplification.

personally, it's a bit to generic for my tastes, but hey! And on that note, here's yet another insight into practical factionalism:
found an old post from an archived PJG thread from way back in Feb.2002...
Meat wrote:
it would be incredibly convenient to be able to quickly categorize everyone according to their faction, i.e. for me, Sol = good guys, Quant and Oct = bad guys.

In addition to being incredibly convenient, however, it would also be incredibly naive. Although there is certainly an undercurrent of factionalism in JG, it only just rises above background noise. Other than beacons and the tax rates they regulate, factions do not mean much in this game IMO. A much more important factor are the pilots themselves. It takes a long time to catalog in your mind which squads stand for PvP at any cost, bounties be damned, which squads keep to themselves and hunt flux or haul cargo, and which squads purport to champion the weak and oppressed. AND, even when you think you've got the squads down, EACH pilot within that squad will have opinions which may or may not be in keeping with those of his squad.

I've flown into combat with some of the fine pilots of A.Q.Militus. Me blue, them green, hunting bad guys who were blue and green. How did we know they were bad guys? Because they rip civilians on a regular basis and routinely carry bounties. I suffer no bouts of confusion in those battles as to which pilots I should be engaging and which ones I should be covering.

So the difficult fact to face is this: you have to get to know LOTS of people in this game, sometimes the hard way, with a pod ride. Unless and until you do, any attempt on your part to neatly categorize people as Good Guy/Bad Guy based on their faction will most likely be detrimental to your enjoyment of the game.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2002 3:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Schani wrote:
I beleive that the RP steriotypes in jumpgate has something to do with the way most "sci-fi games" gets compared to "genre titans" like Star Trek and Star Wars.

There are parallels in the way we players depict Octavins and the way Klingons are portreyed in the later Star Trek series.
In the early days (William Shattner era if you like), I percieved klingons as being rather cunning. Their leaders at least had brains, and this may be closer to the way Octavians ought to be playing in JG.

It is natual for the players in this game to live out their fantasies and due to the somewhat "loose" RP groundwork laid out on JOSSH, we as players have developed our own in-game steriotypes.
I wrote on the OV board today: We as players have a task. We must ensure that those who deserve it can enjoy the game as much as ourselves.

Having said that, and having had the discomfort of having to wade throught seas of fire for nothing more than having played the role of extreemist in the most uncompromising way possible, I must say that this game suffers from lack of player participation.

The real obstacle to player participation (in my view) is the total lack of "things to do".
It is possible to be a "pirate", but only by robbing people of money (/give command) under threat of death (POD).
It is possible to be a trader, but only if you accept that hauling stuff has little if nothing to do with the way that goods are actually needed.
It is possible to be a "delivery boy" but only if you accept that the "parcels" you carry have little in-game value (it doesn't matter if you fail or not).
It is possible to be a fighter, but only if you accept that killing is the only way to proove your worth.

The above might be slightly pessimistic, but consider this:
"Would you still be playing JumpGate if you hadn't hooked up with your current squad/in-game community?"
"Would you still be playing if there was a game out there where there indeed WAS nothing you could'nt do?"

I hate to get people down like this, but lets be realistic, JumpGate might get a fresh infusion of blood with EP2, but the game is over in the long run and no ammount of new weapons, ships, stations, boards, or RP can make up for the fact that the foundation of the game code is a mess.


Sorry 'bout that...
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2003 3:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

MG general forum POLL
crossreferencing this to a thread on the same subject. surprised it took me so long to realize i'd written this topic. lol.

Thanks to OP_Toast i've realized that the Octavian empire is supposedly the source of the factions DNA...
JOSSH biblio wrote:
The ancient axes which had been ground for millennia between the traditionalists of the Octavian empire and the rebellious commonwealth of Solrain had long since been buried

I always figured since the capital of the old pre-collapse civilization was the Solrain home planet they were the origin of the Quantar and Octavian tribes...
The planet Solrain, so long the seat tribunal of the four systems, had vanished
JOSSH timeline wrote:
Charta Solaria discovered. The CS is a rather lengthy treaty between what was then already called Solrain and Octavius. It mainly deals with the establishment of borders and neutral areas.
The Treaty of Sol is signed, promising peace and trade between the four systems of Solrain, Octavius, Quantar and Hyperial
The Great Collapse rips through the systems, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. The Solrain main planet vanished along with many others.
...guess i was wrong. main reason for agreeing with OP_Toast? this blurb:
2690 BT
First verified record of a newly founded system named Solaria, assumed to be the cradle of Solrain civilization.

so history is written by the victor, everyone knows. Thanks to OP_Toast i'm able to clarify my position on the Solrain Conspiracy RP.
    gonna be bloody difficult indeed to explain *IC* why TRI would bother to claim a "similar homeworld" theory when we all assume *OOC* that our characters ingame interact with station personnel and other faction personnel in person once docked.

    I think i might attempt to do this by explaining *OOC* that pilots and station personnel see our different DNA origins plain as day but can't get the truth out to Solrains that their "history" and "faction biblios" is a lie told by the victors to themselves using the medium of JOSSH to spread the racist propaganda. (who cares what Octavians and Quantars think -- history is written by the victor.)

    only way i could explain *OOC* that solrains hold sway is due to the old maxim of "Might is Right": Meaning that the Solrain commonwealth nonjumpgate capable military forces operating under NLS propulsion rules the spacelanes. (why do you think the nix and phoon suck compared to the tens? who do you think Sarath V is biased towards, eh?)

    I suppose everyone probably thinks i'm nuts. "why go through the charade of pretending all races look similar to Solrains when they're not?"...well, i actually don't have a frickin clue yet. *g* (i just *OOC* prefer my "traveller" origins theory)
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 03, 2003 7:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

SPECIAL EDIT: As of feb2003 i've decided that maintaining a literal interpretation of this thread would violate official records. I regret that i cannot think up any convincing *IC justification* that would support non-human looking faction distinctions (mainly because of the artwork on JOSSH that all factions access equally, and the writeups in the official manual plus MG's artwork, not to mention the biblio database referring to racial origins being similar) Therefore, the below racial images should be taken as an abstract visual aid that "personifies" each faction's cultural distinctions...perhaps in the future i may be inspired to reverse this disclaimer, but i doubt it. (personally, even i cannot pretend otherwise for my own's just too much of a cognitive dissonance)
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