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bitch session. (nasty irc chat log)

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2002 11:46 am    Post subject: bitch session. (nasty irc chat log) Reply with quote

warning! massive drunken muffy quotage wrote:
[04:34] <Antimatter> heh finally watched the intro video
[04:34] <Antimatter> I'm still laughing at oct's actually mining
[04:34] <MF|hic> hehe
[04:34] <BaadF00d> well
[04:34] <BaadF00d> theyre doing it badly
[04:34] <MF|hic> who?
[04:34] <BaadF00d> the octs
[04:34] <Antimatter> and looking for "veins"
[04:34] <MF|hic> badly? oh right. yeah. la la
[04:34] * MF|hic never bought that PR bullshit
[04:34] <BaadF00d> so its ... true to form that wya
[04:35] <BaadF00d> PR or RP?
[04:35] <BaadF00d> *way
[04:35] <MF|hic> pr
[04:35] <MF|hic> ask yourself if marketing or engineering develop trailers?
[04:35] <BaadF00d> ah, gotcha
[04:37] <Antimatter> PR BS
[04:37] <Antimatter> looks like 3DO's work
[04:37] <MF|hic> yup
[04:38] <MF|hic> like i said, genius
[04:38] <Antimatter> hah, and I wasn't even here for 3DO
[04:38] <MF|hic> lucky j00
[04:38] <BaadF00d> even the devs - as confused as they are about their own game - wouldnt put octs in apteryxes mining in GvB being attacked by manta
[04:38] <Antimatter> MF, even without 3DO this game is a paid beta
[04:38] <MF|hic> like i said, genius
[04:39] <BaadF00d> no need to tell me
[04:39] <MF|hic> hehe
[04:39] <MF|hic> no shit
[04:39] <MF|hic> pos
[04:39] <MF|hic> (no pun intended. literally)
[04:40] <BaadF00d> of course, theres that whole "its was a time of light, it was a time of darkness..." ultimate korn speech
[04:40] <MF|hic> uh oh...i found one to hit moll with...muhahahah
[04:40] [SOUND]
[04:41] <Antimatter> !MF|hic landingparty.wav
[04:41] <BaadF00d> which unfortunatly the responsibility falls right in NetDevils lap - that was lifetd word for wort out of the recruitment center, or the biblio - I forget which
[04:42] <MF|hic> yeah, well. it's a puddle of diluted kneedeep shit with nothing underneath but the heads of the dev team (they over their heads in this shallow kneedeep shit, and one tries to give them the benefit of the doubt over the fact THEY DON'T GET OFF THE FUCKING FLOOR)
[04:43] <MF|hic> =/ that. was. a. little. bit. close. to. the. truth.
[04:43] <Antimatter> I think the rest of ND could give a shit less
[04:43] <Antimatter> josh is the only one who seems to have a vague clue
[04:43] * MF|hic shrug
[04:43] <MF|hic> bullshit
[04:43] <MF|hic> josh was the only one who liked getting his cock sucked on F5:help
[04:43] <MF|hic> go fucking figure
[04:43] <Antimatter> lol
[04:44] <Antimatter> and it all started with HG tags ;)
[04:44] <Antimatter> the carebears however seem to be in charge now as far as game features
[04:46] <MF|hic> uhm...sorta. it's more like ND actually cannot THINK any way out of the wet paper bag called "ND is carebear and in denial about it"
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2003 6:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

LOL that was funn33
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