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This is why i hate :help

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2002 10:48 am    Post subject: This is why i hate :help Reply with quote

ND general forum thread
you know how it is, developers and GMs seem to drop by randomly TO THIS CHANNEL ONLY. It's been this way since beta. I've HATED their appearance there since jan'2001. Why? It's because they never seem to pay attention to questions by n00bs, but enjoy the fawning behavior from the 'elitist pricks'

assholes who KNOW the :help booth isn't about where Developers come to help the amateur "EP"s answer n00b questions, it's all about the ego pliss trip GMs have whenever they pop in...We've all seen the channel come alive with people having a conversation with someone finally instead of flaming n00bs who talk about 'griefers'

Have you ever wondered if anyone else thought the dev's don't seem to share the "help the n00b" and instead ACTIVELY encourage the back-slapping from the (normally) trashtalking asskissers? The one's most noted for hardcore PvP?

Wouldn't you want to straight up order the dev's/GMs to goto :chat where their unhelpful attitude towards THE N00BS wouldn't matter? I would. sometimes i wanted to flat out announce i was there to help n00bs, not to see their queries drowned in the backslapping spam.

You know why i didn't? Because deep in my heart i hope that ND would snap out of it, take their oversized heads out of their arse and FUCK OFF OUT OF :HELP without me having to state the goddamned obvious.

You know why i want them too? Because the trashtalking PvPers are...asskissers...yes. only TWO reasons those idiots are in :help is to heckle the "carebear" n00bs stirring up trouble over a 'griefer', and to hobknob with the devs. Take away one of those reasons and that would mean the only time anyone one of them would enter :help would be the few times the word 'griefer' is used.

That's a hell of an improvement if we could displace the asskissing pottymouthed pre-adolescent sacks of bloody shit to :chat MOST of the time (waiting for that rare chance to get to be teh first to kiss butt)
    and this ain't no wild and wooly irishman's tall tale. How many of us have quit :help in disgust?
It's not me who's being offended, because i have a habit of speaking out and getting it off my chest; I'm worried about the lurkers who only speak with their wallets.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2002 9:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

BlkPrince wrote:
Yes, like threatening folks with banning b/c they were talking about Pie at 11pm ESt when the chan was dead. I'm gonna love this one.

He shouldn't be one to talk. he's the leadnig reason that channel's deserted since beta6 of n00b asking questions and being able to be heard among the spam.

Now, i'm sure i'll get the usual crap comeback of, "but it's DEAD there!" Yes, it's dead because lurkers see no need to post a question when the OBSERVED behavior is flat out ignorance, smart ass remarks and condescension out the wazzoo. (all called "RP" by the assholes, of course.)
    I've seen BlkPrince's behavior, like so many other pilots like him. seen it since beta6. only reason they in :help isn't to. it's to hobknob with devs the few times they do show up - TO HOBKNOB.

    So i don't put the blame on the asshole players so much as outright guilt on the part of dev's who think their mere presence in :help, is.
SunDog wrote:
Too bad ND, you really HAD something, but whatever it was you HAD, you lost it in a heap of pathetic customer service, and a totally nonchalant smug attitude towards your players.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2003 10:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Excelsior wrote:
F5:help issues
<rant >
After reading the post that Hopes_Kiss made, I feel that it is time that this needs to be mentioned.

:help is become a cellar where we should pass out cheese with the amount of wine in there. There are numerous people that think they have the right to downtalk the game in general and use abusive language. That is one of the reasons that I am not usually found in that channel. I easily get sick of the attitudes of some that frequent there.

:help is SUPPOSED to be to help new pilots in the game. How are we supposed to help anyone when the channel moves at a blinding speed at times on a discussion of what their favorite condiment it? All new pilots in this game are automatically routed to this channel and I DO see some people try to offer help around the other talk. But with their inability to know how to communicate makes it extremely difficult. Many times I know that the pilot simply does not see the line explaining how to talk. This is also true if done outside F5 because someone has a hard-on about EP2 not being out yet.

I propose that those that are there to help new pilots remain in the channel and continue in their efforts. Banter is fine, and when there is help in need I have seen the banter stop on all ends to assist the new pilot. Everyone else should move to :chat or something and populate that room. Even naysay all you want, just please keep it out of :help. Everyone should stop responding to the trolling done in that channel to help calm it down a little.
</rant >

This is the sole opinion of myself. It does not reflect the opinion of my squad nor the other pilots that I associate with. Thank you for your time.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2003 10:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Crowwe wrote:
The help channel
I have been procrastinating, avoiding this post but here goes...

I've seen repeated rude and vile behavior on F5:help, not just towards other vets, but also to n00bs who have been receiving erroneous information to the delight of some of the vets. Lately, I had to tell a new player to ignore the channel and forward any questions to me, as I wouldn't 'tell him to go to Saron's Eye'.

There is nothing wrong with general chatter, but using words that refer to the male/female anatomy is a bit much.
Pardec wrote:
When I was New
My first couple of days as a noob was bacily a nightmare, trying to figure out how to dock and not die, and and did alot of that in the simulator.

When i when to help all i got was as I later found out bad information when I found out the correct info I would hunt up the fellow that gave me the incorrect info and ask him why all they would say was dood we was just joking, or listen man your suppose to hunt up the answers yourself its all done by doing and poking with a stick not asking and gettijng all the free help.

Then I ran found CaptainCow, totally different helped me alot and took me on a tour of the galaxy well in quant space anyway. Great Mentor too. But the basic issue in the help channel the attitude there drives people away.

Personally I think there should only be people in help to help and if bad or deliberately bad information is given out the offender should be temp banned from the game and repeat offenders perminate banned from the game with all of their mule accounts.

After all after you hit level 30 you should know by then what is what in the game and not send a noob on a fools errand.

The lanuage is another issue and foul/obsene language should give you a temp ban bare min and if continual a permante ban from the game.

Heated arguments and flame wars should be a temp ban from the game.

IC/OOC harrassment of another player should result in a temp ban from the game.

Comments of a sexual nature should result in a permente ban from the game.

I think the GM's should post the agreement for everyone to review that everyone agreed too when they signed up for the game How about it GM's can you post that? and Immortalize it?

Some of the Vets need a refreasher in what they signed to get into the game and this would I think very helpful.
Crowwe wrote:
A n00b can't fly much less read a madly scrolling needless chatter on F5 that only has a 5 line buffer on it. All the while trying to read between the lines as some people offer him the correct information and the other half gives him info like "type /q".

All I want is to see n00bs come and stay in the game, right now the :help channel is almost dead for them, the space lanes are impossibly flux filled as dumping is common place, and there is no low level equipment for them.

Believe me, I'm bringing this up for the good of the game.
Kenndogg wrote:
The GM's are the problem with :help

The only reason a lot of players linger on :help is on the off chance that a GM will pop in and chat. GM's are perpetuating the problem.

Get rid of :help. Now that we have /assist, what's the point?

While i agree with kenndogg's opinion of what's the core problem, i can't agree with the solution. Instead, why the hell can't the GM's goto F5:chat? (do they think for some reason they'll help n00bs despite the flurry of "omg first post at a dev!" spam artists?)
    personally, i fail to see the use of GMs in help when they ARE the /assist link (along with EPs)
and even if/when we get chat moderating tools, i still think it's imperative to move the GMs to chat, because it's simply going to help more than hinder n00b progress.

*sigh* HELP even with the EU server, why can't the germans move to F5:deu, just like the english speakers have gone to F5:eng? (guess. you'll only need one: the MG core team and others tend to hop into help like they were useful to n00bs there. uhh huh)
    do you see a pattern? The Corollary of having GMs preferring a booth is that all the fanboi/wynars camp for their chance to be first in line. (fester like really aggressive mold is more like it)
beginner wrote:
How about the gm's start going on the :chat channel instead of the :help channel. That way more players will use the :chat then :help. I stay on the help channel just to help the new people. Not to hear the screaming and whining of the vets. Its like an uncontrolled party where the music is loud and fighting is everywhere. Sheesh. Guys. If you want to whine. use the :flam channel. flame all you want there and it is unmoderated.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2003 8:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

the core reason i believe, that's always been it/the one, that's crippled JumpGate's potential even back during the beta6 days, comes down to one word:


there's alot to be learnt about the fanboi/wynar agenda and how one could write a bleeding thesis, Ffs, about how priorities are contextualized by the developers because no sane person can compete with the camping sychophants in f5:help who see the only priority being their WINGAME button/exploit-ridden agenda. (why they don't gotto f5:chat instead i'll never know)
    f5:help, what it stands for (ideally, since it's never done so practically) legitimizes the agenda of those who camp and marginalizes any good that could come of GMs entering f5:help
it starts there, it ends there. there simply is no other choice of what to fix first. Why? what would happen if they chose f5:chat instead? It's obvious to me, but just in case it's subtle...

If GMs entered f5:chat exclusively, you would have the fanboi/wynar agenda migrate there, camp there, and have the legitimizing 'rubric' taken away. The GMs don't realize this (denial? ego?) but the only reason alot of JG's potential is squashed because the fanboi/wynar agenda of WINGAME buttons (exploit-ridden) is stagnant, nerf-prone and very much nothing but chat.

it's not about IRC-like moderator powers, it's not about the GMs having more presence in f5:help 24/7, it's not about dealing with the "trouble makers", it simply about moving the GMs into f5:chat. (EU and US both)
    why won't they? simple: not only do the fanboi/wynar campers enjoy the legitimizing effect of the f5:help 'rubric', but the GMs enjoy the affect too. (denial? ego?)
It's really a shame because it's so obvious a sham even to the true n00bs.

the emperor really is naked
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