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Autodock versus Manualdock

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2002 8:46 pm    Post subject: Autodock versus Manualdock Reply with quote

Autodocking 101

When you first register to play the game you won't see this "beacon" by default, only by having an
autodock computer modx equipped will you see it and the only way to get this item (it's not constructed anywhere) is by dying...though they DO appear on the market when someone sells them (c409 isn't exactly profit inducing though)
US server's market lister (EU's market lister)

The "good news" is you'll inevitably crash. Once you do you'll appear back at the last station you left. (Illustration) and you'll find your gear is the green basic crap you had when you were lvl0. You'll also have a fat credit voucher and a free "Docking Modx" (Illustration; JOSSH database entry) If you crashed and your level is below 7. The steps to equip this and have it work fine are:
  1. Open up your market terminal (one of the menu selections on the bottom of your screen at dock) and you'll see the docking modx in your inventory (Illustration)
  2. Now go to your ship configuration terminal, choose modx gear and then click once on one of the equip modx icons for the docking modx. (Illustration)
  3. If you did this correctly, you'll see this: Click me
  4. Once you've equiped it, your NEXT step is to enter the simulator terminal and click sim mode on then off. (this bypasses a bug, so it's mandatory; Illustration)
There. do enjoy, and know that the beacon is the very last thing in your target list, so it's best to click "Previous target" to lock onto the beacon when entering a station sector.

GMStar wrote:
The main problems with the docking modx
1. the neverending loop during landing. sometimes the docking modx gets confused and sends you in an endless loop, never getting you anywhere. If stuck in the loop, target the station and type /dockoff.
2. while the docking modx is landing your ship, you have no control over the ship. If something goes wrong, you can't correct until you turned if off via /dockoff.
3. Sometimes when launching with a docking modx installed, it spontaneously decides that you really want to dock now. Which usually results in a nice dent in the stations hull and your flight back to the home station in a shiny rescue pod.
4. When you install the dockmodx, it might be inactive for one more docking procedure. I usually launch and land once in simulator to make sure it is actually activated by the time i launch in real space.
5. When removing the docking modx, the same thing as in 4. applies. It usually stays active for one more landing.
  1. I haven't been able to reproduce the never ending loop. i'm assuming it's isolated to joystick users.
  2. (/dockoff won't work if you're still inside the beacon sphere and have it targetted) Once you do cancel it while docking make sure you hit brake to cancel any thrust still present. /dockoff won't cancel any thrust &/or velocity.
  3. launch bug happens if you crash into something on the way in (sim lvl3 being a prime example)...using /dockoff or reconnecting are your only options
  4. when you FIRST install the modx after buying/trading it (or upon death <lvl7) it will not work the first time, though going into simulation window and clicking on/off then exiting simulator window works fine.
  5. not sure about this one. it stays active? i wonder if this is just a bogus rumour.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2002 9:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Archived topic on docking
  1. Unfortunately, manual docking isn't so painless. Personally, i thought everyone cool "hotdogged" it into the docking port without that silly docking ring stuff...ah youth. *sigh*
  2. i want you to look at this JOSSH flight academy article on HUDs
    look at it, don't study it. you need a translator for most of the gobbledeegook anyways. now, for docking the most important bits i'm going to illustrate with red circles on a few screenshots below:
    what it looks like when you are going at full cruise thrust
    what it looks like when you cut thrust to zero, are still moving forward and then turn to face the way you came
    what it looks like when you are at full stop
    These are the green docking rings i'll blather about (*gasp* it's a pic from jossh. useful thing, isn't it?)
    now for something completely different NARF!
    Now JOSSH uses a few techno-babble terms for the things i've circled. That purple/yellow arrow thingy that acts sort of like a compass on drugs is what JOSSH calls a, "current drift vector (CDV)"; The stripped vertical thingy that goes up and down is known as your "Actual Thrust" and the smaller solid line that does the same is called "desired thrust"...finally, the numbered doohicky i pointed out is your "velocimeter" (it all means i can now use terms i'll be expecting you to understand what i'm referring to)
  3. now i want you to target the simulator station and notice the green rings that pop up. that is your orientation to the docking port, so aim for the outermost ring (farthest from station) and apply full thrust till you're about 2000 distance from it. (i'm assuming you're not an idiot and can figure out that counter ticking down digits fast is the distance meter)
  4. now cut thrust using a tap on your brake key (if keyboard/mouse this is the fastest method) or zeroing joystick throttle.
  5. turn around till your CURRENT DRIFT VECTOR looks like the 2nd screenshot i linked in that series. (since there's no damned compass in space this is your only way to tell which direction you're travelling to or away from.)
  6. now apply a quick burst of thrust and hold down the brake key (or zero throttle + brake for joystick) till you're fully shown by the 3rd screenshot in that series.
  7. right, you've probably overshot the green rings by a bit so lather, rinse, repeat until you're close enough to ease into the center of the green docking rings while facing the station's docking port using only the brake key to slow you down as you drift to a FULL STOP. (don't need the fancy flying once yer this close to the center of the green rings)
  8. now that you're in alignment and at FULL STOP you can turn towards the docking ring and aim real carefully(this is where that "Zoom" key will come in handy once you can get to level1 requirement to buy a camera modx to activate zoom)
  9. once you're happy you're not going to need to adjust, give a quick burst of acceleration so you're going ~50 on the velocimeter...have your finger over the brake key just in case you didn't aim right (you can bounce okay at 20v or less)

    There's a crucial point i'd like to make, and that's "Docking Etiquette"; When on approach to dock, always be aware that there are others who might be in docking approach...It's polite to avoid bumping into people on your way in. the best way is to let people know you're in docking approach via the F3 chat function. This is where chat 'Macros' come into their own, but that's off topic for now.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2003 10:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

reverse thrust mpeg-1
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2003 3:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

deanesaunders wrote:
Where to get Docking modx?
I'd managed to not die since I got my first docking modx - though I recently lost it (to death of course) and now can't get a replacement.

Are they sold at stations, or is it possible to create them yourself via custom producers? If neither - why aren't they sold at stations - it seems a bit daft to make the only way of acquiring them be through new pilots entering the game.
_Nellie wrote:
I'm afraid they are only given to new pilots demonstrating a difficulty docking (crashing in other words).

They cant be made in the traditional sense.

As to why they are not made, I can only suppose that it is due to them occupying a rather grey area between helpful-ish (when they arent smacking you into the station either due to bugs or malicious pilot intervention) thing for noobs and almost an exploit for heavy tow pilots (why bother having to stop your heavy tow, point it at docking ring and sit back).

New pilots often make the mistake of selling them to the station rather than selling them privately, so they can often be spotted in the modx portion of the market, and I would suspect a variety of PoS about the place probably have some for sale.
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2004 1:32 pm    Post subject: FTP transfer between mindphyre and razorskiss complete Reply with quote

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Command Staff

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2005 3:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

back in the day, my good buddy razage bought a commissioned pilot for nefarious purposes. One of them was creating these modx.

He made about 100.

good times

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