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NEW!! paybycash woes

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2002 10:25 pm    Post subject: NEW!! paybycash woes Reply with quote

and are we surprised? not
CptMorgan wrote:
PayByCash sucks my a$$...
Sorry, I just needed some time to vent.

So on Friday, PayByCash goes to charge my credit card for my account, however the card is denied. They email telling me this, and I realize (after calling my credit card company and finding that no attempts were declined??) it is because I got a new card because the old one expired last month. So I email them back with this bit of information and my new expiration date. Once again my card is declined. So they tell me to reactivate and put in my card info again. I do so, their computers see that my credit card is valid, so my account is up and running again on Saturday evening. Sunday afternoon my account is TRI Classified again and I have another email saying they tried to charge my card and it was again declined. Getting tired of this, I do pay by virtual check (which is $13.95 instead of $9.95, and I didn't use PayPal because it has no money in it and it takes 4 days to clear). I then call my credit card company to find out why my card was declined. Funny thing is, IT WASN'T!!! The attempt they made when I emailed them and then again when I reactivated BOTH got charge to my credit card. So now, I have been doubled bill, and have a third payment pending, and I am still TRI Classified because PayByCash is too stupid to realize that they actually successfully charged me.

Hey NetDevil - can you guys get a competent payment company? It is inconceivable how you can get a company as good as Themis to run the show, and then someone as pathetic as PayByCash who can't even get the players money (which I assume is why you are in this business to begin with).

Oh, and if any GMS can help out with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Just goes to show that might have been a grassroots thing, but the people that muscled them out of the "dependability" niche (the big professional group of VeriSign/InternetPaymentSolutions/paybycash) is just as incompetent...if not more so. (i never had problems with paypal, and i'm REALLY leary of this "new/improved" version.
    personally, i think verisign PAID people to complain about paypal's service
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