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NetDevil ponders ship roles

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2002 2:26 pm    Post subject: NetDevil ponders ship roles Reply with quote

GM_Virgil wrote:
Just to clear something up so I don't mislead anyone, the examples were completely made up (by myself) when writing the question down, and aren't specifics that are under consideration by the developers (as far as I know).

What the question boils down to is having any sort of ship with a permanant bonus or limitation to it. This could be something like having a power-boosting MODx always attached, having built-in mining or repair lasers, anything of that sort.

This could allow some things to be done that would be very unbalancing if everything was left open for any equipment, as you can see with the Light Miner ships. In order to make them possible without having them be low-level bombers, they were limited quite a bit - had they been locked into using mostly Financiers, the other stats could have been more forgiving. Or it could allow a ship to have an exclusive item that would make other ships overpowered if they could access it. On the other hand, locking equipment into a ship design does have a negative aspect - it makes the ships less customizable.

This is what the developers are asking about - what you think about using this sort of thing for different ship designs. And, as a natural add-on, any ships designs you can think of that might be possible with this sort of system.

Just don't confuse my examples with future plans
BaadF00d wrote:
Am I the only person here who doesnt like this idea?

Why dont I like this idea?

1. Because it then makes the ships even more cookie cutter than they currently are.
2. Because, in the case of things like ECMs - this seems like an attempt to put ECMs in a ship without actually bothering to balance ECMs so they work in the game. WHY THE F**K DO INTENDED MINING/CARGO SHIPS HAVE >S1 CAPS ANYWAY? (and, why are MODx items and slots size 1,all ECM size 1 (but ships ahve variable slots) and why are all missile slots size 8 (but missiles themselves are variable sized)???)
3. Because, with locked in equipment, how do you upgrade the ship when (for example) the new released mining lasers mine faster than the built in ones - entire ships run the risk of becomming redundant. How will ship redundency be prevented? By upgrading the ships to always have the top of the line gear, or simply to never release new gear thats built into ships.

In terms of the specific examples presented:
1. Mining ships *can* be prevented from becomming battle platforms by adding mass, and restricting them to s1 capacitors.
2. ECMs need to be moved to the top of the power grid so they only get the excess energy after the capacitor. (we also need a HUD indicator to indicate their status).

Why I like the idea:
1. Hey - perhaps non Quantar ships can get a Bussard Mining Scoop at last
2. There is no reason #2. I dont like the idea.

Well, if they added extra gear to existing ships in order to put a "role" to them i'd be cool about it. otherwise i'm 100% backing Baad! (not to mention the insane power drain of ECMs. we need new ecms with better stats before we think of making "smuggler" role ships)
    actually, when push comes to shove i'd rather deal with size restrictions and modifications along the lines Baad illustrates.
Rainy13 wrote:
Seriously. THis game suffers from a syndrome worse than Everquest *still* does (though they've mostly cured their case of it):

Beautify and Expand before Repair and Replace.

JG needs its bugs and cheats fixed, and its fundamental game concepts working smoothly, before it needs added features.
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