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NetDevil staff bios

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2002 2:52 pm    Post subject: NetDevil staff bios Reply with quote

Muffy: everything below is cut&pasted from the newsletters from the archives
PJG newsletters from ND
Scottish Profile -- New feature for the newsletter. Each issue I’ll give you a profile of one of the guys. This focusses mostly on non JG-related topics. Let’s begin with our beloved president.
Name: Scott Brown
Pilot Name: Scorch
Status: Married, 1 Child (Michael Eugene, aged 6 months)
Age: 28
Before Netdevil: Co-founder and CTO of Digital Creators, an educational multimedia company in Boulder, Colorado. When the company got sold, he took the dough and ran. Founded Netdevil in 1997.
Hobbies (other than games): Football, follows the Denver Broncos and CU Buffaloes religiously, owns the coolest damn home entertainment system you’ ve ever seen.
Favorite Games: Starcraft, The Bard’s Tale, Wasteland, Elite, Wing Commander
Favorite Books: Battlefield Earth, Ender’s Game, Red Storm Rising
Favorite Quote: “There is no spoon!”
Favorite Food: Pizza (with two z’s)
Favorite Movie: Star Wars Series, except for that last one
Best Advice: “Don’t eat yellow snow”
Our next profiled Netdevil is Piza, artist extraordinaire, 3D-Guru, Polygon Prince, and the only Brit I know with straight teeth. (How’s that for being inappropriate!)
Name: Peter Grundy
Pilot Name: Piza
Status: Single, with one hell of a good-looking girlfriend
Age: 37
Before Netdevil: Freelance commercial sculptor and model maker, Art director and partner at Digital Creators, an educational multimedia company in Boulder, Colorado. Left the company shortly after Scorch did to join Netdevil.
Hobbies (other than games): Scuba diving (actually feeds the sharks a Denver’s Ocean Journey Aquarium every Monday), motorcycles, owns the second-coolest damn home entertainment system you’ve ever seen.
Favorite Games: Motocross Madness, Starcraft, Myst (because of graphics), Diablo
Favorite Books: Isaac Asimov’s Foundation, Narcissus and Goldmund, Lord of the Rings
Favorite Quote: “Never before has so much been accomplished by so few.”
Favorite Food: Health Nuts (= M&M’s)
Favorite Movie: Brazil, The Matrix, Blade Runner, The Road Warrior, Hammer Studios Horror Movies, City of Lost Children
Best Advice: “Save often and frequently”
The newest member of the Netdevil Design Team is Ryan Seabury, aka SamPenguin. Most of you already know Ryan. After all, he is responsible for most of the Jumpgate web page and J.O.S.S.H.

Until recently Ryan was a co-owner of the web development company Fourmula. As you may or may not know, the guys from Fourmula are our friends and we share an office together. The rest of the Fourmula team are Draker, Tune, and Stretch. Each one of them has contributed a lot to Jumpgate in the past. Among other things, Draker developed theSquad Manager, Stretch designed parts of the new interface, and Tune is the inventor of the infamous Beta 4 feature known as “playing the market”.

Of the four, Ryan was always the most interested in game development. That’s why he tried to steer Fourmula in that direction. Ironically, they were so good at developing corporate websites that they acquired too many traditional customers too fast. So, the gaming angle Ryan wanted so much, could not be pursued further and he reluctantly decided to leave Fourmula and join Netdevil. Switching from the security of an already successful company to the always versatile gaming industry clearly demonstrates his commitment. Needless to say we are happy to have him!

[ Item 2 - SamPenguin Profile ]
Continuing the SamP-Mania, Ryan Seabury is our profiled developer for this issue.
Name: Ryan Seabury
Pilot Name: SamPenguin
Status: Single until 2001
Age: 24
Before Netdevil: Worked as system administrator at a Cybercafe in Dublin, Ireland, came back to Colorado to join Digital Creators as Assistant Tech Director, Co-founder of Fourmula in 1998.
Hobbies (other than games): Ultimate Frisbee, Playing Hockey (Go Avs!),, Skiing
Favorite Games: Starcraft, Quake, Tribes, Descent, Diablo
Favorite Books: The Dilbert Principle, Ender´s Game, Kavik the Wolf Dog
Favorite Quote: “I did!”
Favorite Food: Freshwater Eel Sushi
Favorite Movie: The Matrix, So, I Married an Axe Murderer, Office Space, Alien, 2010
Best Advice: “Don´t talk about what you´re going to do. Talk about what you did.”
Iceman is our scheduled and undoubtedly dullest profile ever, since he doesn´t really do anything. Well, he get´s us money, but that´s about it.
Name: Markus Krichel
Pilot Name: Iceman
Status: Married, no kids, three dogs that look like him
Age: Bite me
Before Netdevil: Started out as a freelance game localizer and designer for Interplay, Walt Disney, Maxis and others, before turning to games journalism full-time. Also published a novel and then decided to join Netdevil as Marketing & PR Manager.
Hobbies (other than games): Soccer, Reading, Roman History, Explaining why Marketing Manager is a really important job
Favorite Games: Civilization, Age of Empires, Bundesliga Manager Hattrick, Monkey Island, M.U.L.E.
Favorite Books: Replay, Ender´s Game, Foundation, I - Claudius
Favorite Quote: "Don´t quote me on that!"
Favorite Food: Wiener Schnitzel, Lobster, Cordon Bleue
Favorite Movie: Good Bye Mr. Chips, Being There, The Empire strikes back, The Godfather, and any movie with Derek Jacobi
Best Advice: "Think for yourself!".
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2002 2:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

GM_Virgil wrote:
Gamemasters and other Jumpgate Staff
NetDevil Personnel
NetDevil President
Original Jumpgate Lead Designer

Jumpgate Lead Designer/Programmer

Jumpgate Designer/Artist

Themis Personnel
GM_Archon ( )
Themis President and CEO
Part-Time Jumpgate Gamemaster

GM_Moll ( )
Jumpgate Events Lead
Jumpgate Gamemaster

GM_Savant ( )
Jumpgate Support
Jumpgate Gamemaster

GM_Snaps ( )
Jumpgate Support
Jumpgate Gamemaster

GM_Virgil ( )
Jumpgate Community Lead
Jumpgate Support
Jumpgate Gamemaster

Empowered Players
There are a number of Empowered Players supporting the Jumpgate community in their free time, with varying duties. From answering support requests in the game to participating in events, they help out a lot, in many ways. Please treat these people with the same respect you would a Themis or NetDevil employee. On second thought, treat them with more respect

If you're interested in becoming an Empowered Player, please visit the online application at

Looks like some clarification of roles for both Themis and JG.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2002 4:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

GM_Virgil wrote:
As mentioned before, in a post from Scorch, there are 2 people working full time on Jumpgate, and three part time. With the new programmer, the full time amount will be increased to three. There are also three people working on Jumpgate full time at Themis, and two part time.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2002 2:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

GM_Virgil wrote:
With few exceptions, there is at least one GM online in Jumpgate every single day spending several hours in the public channels. As far as I know, no other non-beta, commercial MMOG regularly has any staff present for general player interaction - most other games limit their GM's to answering player help requests, which usually get no more than a one sentence reply. As most players have noticed, our GMs don't have any problem with telling people they don't know, or thay they cannot say, answers to certain questions - it's very unlikely that a GM would leave just because they were being asked questions.

When you also take into account the /assist petitions and F4 messages that our GMs need to handle (which always take a higher priority) it is just physically impossible for any individual GM to answer every question asked in a channel. The same GM's are also responsible for email support, tech support, and ingame events - all of which need to take precendence over questions in the game. Needing to handle any of these other duties can require a GM to 'cloak' or leave the :help channel for another, causing an abrupt lack of response to questions there.

Even given everything mentioned above, I suspect that you would be hard-pressed to find players that log in regularly, and stay tuned into :help, that have not encountered at least one GM recently. Like the information releases, while this may not be the access that some players want, it is not nearly as bad as it has been made out to be. In this case, it's also a far step above what you'll normally find elsewhere as well.

And of course, any question that someone really wants a response to is usually better answered through other methods. The /assist command has the help of the EPs, who can provide or obtain answers to just about any game-related question you can imagine (and usually better than the GM's). The support email needs to be used for any account or reimbursal-related problems (we need to keep permanant records of these), and is also the place to go for tech problems. Game balance questions, suggestions, and bug reports are better placed on the forums than in any other location, as these are more for the developers, and not the GM's you'll see in the game (who will usually have no information on any of these subjects).
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2002 9:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

MightyGame's staff listings
Emeric wrote:

Operators (OP):

  • OP-Ashraf - Technical Support / In-game Support
  • OP-Aum - Anti-Cheat Team / In-game Support
  • OP-Gatts - Anti-Cheat Team / In-game Support
  • OP-Giant - In-game Support
  • OP-Jaro - RP Team / IRC Support
  • OP-Jedi - In-game Support
  • OP-Shadow - Anti-Cheat Team / In-game Support
  • OP-Shark - In-game Support
  • OP-Sky - In-game Support / TRI Rookies
  • OP-Walrus - In-game Support
  • OP-Whoopy - Anti-Cheat Team / In-game Support

Lead Operators (LOP):

  • LeadOP-Askme - TRI Rookies / In-game Support / RP Team
  • LeadOP-Ghost - Technical Support / In-game Support / RP Team
  • LeadOP-Platon - OP Team Support
  • LeadOP-Ranger - In-game Support
  • LeadOP-Silk - RP Team / RP Translation

Games Masters (GM)
Internal MightyGames GM's

  • GMPiux - Community Manager / Head of GM/OP Team
  • GMAlex - Website Design
  • GMSteve - Backoffice Support / Accounts / Billing
  • GMIskander - Story and RP Development / Head of RP Team
  • GMGinger - English News / Translations / Marketing / Sales

External GM's

  • GMBhaal - Ingame Support LeadGM / TRI Rookies
  • GMCrow - Anti-Cheat Team
  • GMHawk - RP Team / Ingame Support GM
  • GMHollis - RP Team
  • GMNeo - RP Team
  • GMNibbles - Anti-Cheat Team
  • GMStar - TRI Rookies / Ingame Support GM
  • GMTichy - Ingame Support GM
  • GMTwo-Side - RP Team

AFAIK, this is the correct list.
Can be found on JOSSH and here.
And as for emails, GM/OPname like stated above
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2003 2:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

GM Archon wrote:
GM Trogdor is with Themis. As you recall, we originally brought in GM Snaps as a part-time Themis GM. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, GM Snaps hasn't been able to continue, and so we decided to bring in a new GM to keep the staff where we wanted it.

that's the second GM in recent memory to join up. first new was Landslide for the RP side (helping GM_Moll) and now a replacement for GM_snaps who left. (both with themis group)
    perhaps the commissioned pilots program is working out
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