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Cool anti-2ndaccount counter

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2002 12:04 am    Post subject: Cool anti-2ndaccount counter Reply with quote

Chubain wrote:
I'm honestly surprised that so many people are getting upset about 2nd accounts. In my experience almost all of the MMORPG I've played have allowed up to 5 characters(for the cost of one $10) per server. There were no restrictions on how you played one from the other. Most people had 1 character for the "good" RP, 1 for the "bad" RP, 1 to make stuff, and so on and so forth, but I never heard much complaining about it. I completely understand people not liking 2nd accounts for the sole purpose of griefing other players, but if JG had 10,000 members this would not really be an issue. Only the most abusive 2nd accounts would ever get mentioned, but since our community is so small it seems to be much more of an issue. In much larger games you tend to IC "Hate" your enemies squads/guilds, but I know I lose track of peoples names due to the volume of people you see online. For JG if pilot X kills me, I know I can find him/her pretty quickly. This leads to everyone holding grudges for a very long time. Either way I think 2nd accounts should be treated as independant characters. I know pilots that I attack in one account and would ask for help from in their other account, and if they can keep their RP separate I will respect it.

Kenndogg wrote:
Ah yes, in DAoC you could have multiple accounts, and it was no big deal. Want know why? Because there was no point to that game EXCEPT for combat. RP was just a big free-for-all. You were usually at a DISADVANTAGE for playing more than one player, since your power was only determined by your exp.

Thats why it IS a big deal for JG. Given a few hours, a pilot can level up sufficiently to grief half the game. A few days, and he has a HF, and can greif whomever he wants. Power in JG is largely PLAYER skill, not character skill. Besides, there was NO cooperation between the "factions" so there was no reason to hide behind an alter-ego anyway.

If all the factions were at war (and I mean civ-ripping, border-guarding, nuke-throwing war), and if your characters ability to fight was based SOLELY on your level, then you could compare JG to other online games.

Face it, your "character's" skill in this game is based on your OOC abilities. If you create another character, he shares the same OOC abilities as your first character. Therefore your characters, no matter how different the RP, are linked via an OOC connection.
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