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Is muffy a troll?

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, 2002 1:48 pm    Post subject: Is muffy a troll? Reply with quote

TL1Moss: by the way, what in the world is a llama?
Muffy: Llama = Lame
dunno where it originated from
TL1Moss: and, since im on a roll, why is a troll a troll slayer?
Muffy: eh?
im NOT a troll
TL1Moss: sure you arent..... *ubeleiving voice/face* :)
Muffy: calling someone a troll in my case brings up the fallacy of the "cognitive dissonance" (ie. tell a lie enough, people will naturally believe it if there's enough media attention on that fact)
TL1Moss: like the JFK conspiracy in the US? :)
Muffy: a troll is someone who knowingly posts something FALSE in order to spark OTHERS into a flamewar in order to have an inside joke with the veteran elites of the forum
you'll notice the ones who call me troll are THE most tightlipped sonsofbitches who have a habit of using jingoistic words in order to convey their "have" versus the "havenots"
TL1Moss *remembers he called muffy a troll earlier in post* yup
so... that makes you a... what? wynar syndrome suffer with an accute case of knowledge of jg and forums?
Muffy: no. it makes me a normal freakin human being calling a spade a spade and not cowtowing to the elitist pricks who like hiding info from people (because. it. benefits. them. to. not. give. free. truthful. information. to. the. "havenots")
TL1Moss: well... it was meant as a joke considering how much it is refered to you...
Muffy: ? yes....i have a sense of humor about it. I know the word "troll" is popular to be used against anyone posting inflammatory statements...but it's a very deceptive and deceitful way to flame someone in a politically correct way. (which, to me is cowardly and only serves the clique-like veterans who ARE the trolls)
TL1Moss: yup, i had no idea what troll meant before, troll (:)) most newbies who only hear the word "troll" refering to muffy, they probably think rather too highly of the species
The three most important bits to remember about a troll is that they
  1. prefer to start a flame war NOT continue one...they'd rather people flame each other so they can laugh on the sidelines.
  2. as a rule, trolls are VERY politically correct; the kind that will smile at you while they stab you in the back (anyone say politics?)
  3. A troll is a troll because one needs to be careful about stepping in the bullshit (ie. no USEFUL content beyond mere lies and obfuscation)
As for myself, i'll chuckle at the use of such a vile term for my "politically incorrect" behavior...But, i find the usage of such a label towards me is a troll in itself. (since most intelligent human beings using that term in anger or dismay usually know EXACTLY the true connotation)
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