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United Mining Exploration Commission: A group of friends playing JumpGate-- "a MMORPG that launched smoothly, breaks from fantasy character setting, emphasizes PvP, and is the first persistent world space simulator that nobody talks about." ~Scorch
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Crouching Carrot; Hidden Stick

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2002 12:29 pm    Post subject: Crouching Carrot; Hidden Stick Reply with quote

bai wrote:
"this part of the server is dangerous, don't go there" is not a tremendously complicated concept that it does not take a deep understanding of the jumpgate universe to understand. IF A PLAYER CANNOT GRASP THIS SIMPLE CONCEPT THEY DO NOT HAVE THE MENTAL CAPACITY TO OPERATE A CAR, MUCH LESS FLY A SPACESHIP. If they die in the process of learning it, good, it'll just make the lesson that much more valuable to them. If the player dies in unreg and just says "screw it, I don't know why I died, but I'm quitting" instead of asking someone around them "hey can you help me, someone just killed me and I don't know why", they probably weren't destined to stick around for the game anyway. Jumpgate requires a pilot who is willing to learn about the world he is a part of, not one who quits after his first unhappy incident.
Muffy wrote:
Actually, most MMOG customers are fully aware of the dangers of PvP. They are fully aware there is pvp combat potential. They are also fully aware that the majority of the MMOGs out there are rigged to prevent griefing/PKing (and for the old diablo1 fans: TKing)

They are NOT aware that this game is a niche market nonconsentual PvP based game. (the "tremendously complicated thing" to explain to them is that it's layed in more ways than one)
    try telling that to a n00b when he's not interested to hear it and YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW he's picked this cool mission to GBS
Do you not realize that MOST n00bs don't react well to a game that suckers them into unreg with the promise of "better" rewards than other destinations and gets them griefed and griefed again on F5:help when they talk about getting "griefed"?

[sarcasm]Yes, this is a niche market, though sometimes i despair WHY THE HELL A FAT CARROT IS NEEDED TO ENTER A PVP ZONE WHEN WE'RE ALL SUPPOSEDLY SLATHERING FOR IT.[/sarcasm]
    look, it's so simple it's painful to explain. There are more nonpvp customers BY FAR than pvpers...this is a niche market, yes. but why the bloody hell do we need to increase the potential that a n00b picks a neutral mission without understanding the nonconsentual pvp that might occur (without penalty)

    They'll pick it, but what's the chance of accept the unreg JG popup without comprehending the emotions he/she will STATISTICALLY experience more often than not?
    I mean, just look at sassy - She WASN'T a n00b. she bloody well knew unreg was dangerous, but yet she got pissy about the nonconsentual pvp. like she should have KNOWN. (yes she did, but didn't comprehend how badly she'd react)
Post patch 56 suggestions on PvP rules
Post patch 56 suggestions on n00b grief prevention

Older threads about pvp suggestions:
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