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Automated Scale reply

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PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2002 11:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Originally posted by NightRaven, here.
Originally posted by Patroklos
I'm still not clear about this:

Do you actually need to mine to get commodities like aluminum and other metals, or are they just produced automatically?
e.g. if no semifluxors are mined, no silicon?
Under the current system, certain stations "spawn" certain resources, making mining unnecessary

however, the economy as it is would collapse if dependant solely on mining because the current system uses commods too quickly and mining is not productive enough to keep up to the demand nor profitable enough to interest people in it
And there you have for false accusations of "station strippers":
Originally posted by LyteFoot, here.
I suppose 100 featherfires and 30 hitmen gone overnight is also "resupply". I doubt it, they got stripped, not that many quants fly bombers, 100 ffs and 30 hitmen overnight is simply not normal.

Copperhead; 100 feathers is nothing. I delivered 50 dreams and 36 rushes to OP one evening and watched them get used up in one 30 minute battle. Remember that is one dream per nix unlike 2 to 4 feathers per ship. I also watched as the pilots buying these started yelling stripping after there were none left. Each pilot knew he bought two but didn't look at the other 20 pilots doing the same thing.

The real issue is no new equipment is being produced. Quite simply put we are running out of everything and until they fix the aluminum production bug we either need to stop some big furballs and get the whole server mining.

As for no one willing to mine well Octavians mined almost the whole weekend, and that is almost every Octavian. Even with that effort there was just enough aluminum produced to keep duelists equipped and have a few MC produce to replenish the centerfuge 5 powerplants.

Just battling sentients, pirates, petals, and roids uses up a lot of equipment. A big long running battle at a station can consume an amazing amount of stuff.
course, the n00bs never understand how precipitously lethal the economy can be on market stocks when there's a lack of commod infusions (ie. Aluminum 'bug')

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