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Depots producing commods once exclusive to Unreg.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2002 1:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

GM moll's General forum announcement
Muffy Poll
Looks like we've got the Strategic planners up in arms debating with the "unreg tow rippers are pussies" camp. (personally, i'd rather we have a few critical commods exclusive to neutral territory...)
    Because even with a slight nerf to the insurance/notrading pvp rules (scaled/tradingallowedat-5pr), it's damned hard to get around the whole "whoever shoots first in the war gets a handicap" mentality that handicaps blockaders/bountyhunters/pirates/militia, especially when there's no CargoScanners/PirateTools so there's a lack of *IC* Justification for anything anywhere, especially Unreg where bounties "don't count" except in the retribution arena. (think consequences, damnit. think PERSISTENT UNIVERSE and not QUAKE3)

    Though i'm NOT interested in getting a *OOC* loophole coded via Scanners/etc; nor am i interested in "roleplaying" something similar to adding zero up (and i'm especially not interested in watching someone else "roleplay" yet another griefer excuse. They ALREADY do that. That's irrelevant)
Sorry, it's the whole RTS genre mentality that gets me...They coded in exclusive neutral station commodities just before the stress test, and we all thought ND was all for RTS stuff once we had the *IC* justifications for blockading via simple cargo scanners...At least that what sparked the "cargo scanner" crowd to start yabbering loudly (course, i suppose ND has given up and decided the whiners are the majority, and that coding no-effect scanners that would only give a cargo list would be a flame bait waiting to happen)


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