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Who is HiTekHick?

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Test Pilot

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2001 11:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Vince Walsh
Age: 21
Gender: male
Planet of birth: Quanus
Place of birth: A farm
Current homestead: Doesn't have one, but usually in Quan space
Name of current ship: Lookin Fer It

Born to a farmer and his wife, Vince was raised to be a farmer, but aspired to go exploring. He was always tinkering with hi-tech gadgets and putting things together to make his job easier. Finally the day came when he got into a big argument with his father about Vince's dreams of space. So Vince left home and stuck out into space and see what TRI has to offer.

Shortly after getting out into space, he ran across a squad that seemed to have the same thoughts he did, UMEC...mining roids, helping out TRI, and others...

Vince found out that he could even remember where roids were without using a rotacol, and have them outside his radar range. This possibly due to the fact that he wandered quite a bit out in the wilderness when he was younger.

He has no interest in fighting others, but will not sit down if attacked. He will avoid any confict if he can, and does not seek to be in any posistion of authority.

Added 101.12.2:
Due to the unrest in unreg space, the pirate threat, Vince now feels he must do something more to maintain the peace within the rest of the squad that does not want to go to arms. As of this day, Vince has put a request in to be added to the Defense Wing of UMEC. See:

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