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Automated reply to Reputation

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2002 9:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

huh? excuse me, but if an "ex-griefer" (like Giomani) ever stuck his head in here i'd attempt to gank him for killing n00bs long ago.

reputation is everything. and i mean that. Betatest, release. whatever. if you practice PvP on n00bs expect a "griefer" tag placed on you for ALL time. period. (there was some fuck called, "Shakey" who went on a griefer rampage and then tried to say his roommate went know what? i don't care who the fuck you are, but if i notice griefer behavior, until you change your entire character name and behavior, you'll be a griefer for all time. period.)

(BTW, the fucker shakey is now reset to Solrain and is ganking Quantars, instead of Quantar and ganking Octavians...funny how reputation last more than the other person's FUCKING LIES, eh? heh...peice of shit...i know you. i'll always know you until you wipe that name from the game)

(of course, OOC comments are OOC and i won't fight anyone for that..and visa versa for forum comments. that's more ghey than shit on dick....anyone who tries to, or succeeds in, gank me for *OOC* stuff while ingame deserves a big "moron" award)

The one thing that is holy are genuine 2nd accounts that i've found out through friends who's who...i'll respect 2nd accounts so long as the character switch separates the reputation...otherwise...shit by any other name is still shit, ingame.

look. i could be playing alongside the worst OOC fuck up...but as long as his/her IC reputation was acceptable, i'd never betray his confidence. his loyalty (ingame).

You know why? Because i hold people accountable to their *IC* reputation more than i ever would with flippant *OOC* comments. ever. (if someone is consistantly a fuck up, i'll treat than as a fuck up...but if they have an *IC* reputation that's decent, i'll even forgive the occasional *OOC* fuck up and not flame them *OOC* like...*IC* reputation holds an infinite amount of weight compared to the *OOC* bullshit that goes on day to day)

...though there ARE limits. so don't pull smart ass shit and expect me to tolerate neo-nazi pedophilic felcher pieces of shit.
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