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Privateer vs. Pirate Scum

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 21, 2002 9:31 am    Post subject: Privateer vs. Pirate Scum Reply with quote

Found the artist responsible for Captain Morgan, and he even has many more pirate pics than that...decent site, so without further ado:
Don Maitz' site

As for the "Letter of Marquee"...

Transcript linkage.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2002 9:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ND general forum thread
Baadf00d chats about piracy.

Muffy's old Privateer thread

And i do have MrWhite's old "Papers of Piracy" thread around somewhere...

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PostPosted: Thu May 02, 2002 4:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Best site i know about pirates:

That site seems to ignore Sir Frances Drake, so i dredged up another cool pirate site here:

And here's Giomani lathering on the BS really thick:
HAHAHAHAH... yeah, right! pffft! and what version of reality are you smoking today, [Giomani]?!

My distinguished colleague likes to add flourishes to the annals of history to romanticize his small band's violent tendencies. (sorta guy who forgets that sometimes n00bs grow up and the hunter becomes the hunted...though i "heard" he's changed his griefer ways long ago...either that, or hired an expensive publicist)

Anyways, to cut a long story short, everything he's stated about pirates is based on half-truths, little bits of truth, and large portions of bovine fecal matter...Why? His version of history is a handbook on failing Darwin 101. There were pirates and then there were privateers. Privateers were ex-merchant types who applied for letter of Marquee so they could plunder the rich spanish and portugese merchants coming from "Their" new world (see, the pope got drunk one night and declared only those two countries owned the entire hunk of dirt, while the other European countries started throwing monkey wrenches called, "privateers")

Privateers were known for showing mercy unless you decided not to heave to and surrender (though they didn't give you all day to decide. heh. Besides, you usually had all day to see the pirate ship coming in the first place, so as soon as you saw the Joulie Rouge you knew that if you didn't heave to and wait for them, they'd be short on mercy once they did catch up)

Pirates on the other hand were pretty much into "shoot first and screw the questions" (and since they couldn't find safe haven via letter of marquee, it was a real short existence for the pirates)

Giomani may romanticize piracy by blurring the lines between privateers and real pirates, but i surely don't...Heaven help us if he and his band of cutthroats ever get their dirty paws on some REAL jumpgate piracy tools...brrrrr...they won't need the privateer-like "PoD" then, will they? They'd just disable your ship with an "Ion Cannon" blast (ala. Empire Strikes Back) and loot it using thief guns...and you'd be lucky if they didn't pod you then and there...And since ports of call never prevent anyone from docking, they can simply log off anywhere they wish.

disclaimer: Giomani and Raiderr's band of thugs are organized and currently run protection rackets, which won't change if piracy tools appear...I doubt they'd want to alienate the hand that feeds them now, or then. (i'm sure protection rackets are, and will even after ND codes piracy tools, be a JG pirate gang's bread and butter)

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2002 1:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pirates 101 I'm debating whether to change the wording in that FAQ to make a distinction between Privateers and Pirates, but it's really not worth the hassle because the pvp coding just attracts the lowest common denominator so that semantics is just made pointless.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 7:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Admiral Horatio Nelson wrote:
...the conduct of all privateers is, as far as I have seen, so near piracy that I only wonder how any civilized nation can allow it.

BTW, just created another thread on the subject of piracy, here (about modern & ancient piracy)
    the main gist of it is that piracy never really thrived under anything but wartime conditions. one may argue the modern piracy voids that theory because ww3 isn't on, but i beg to differ. no, i'm not accusing that joke of a US peacemaking force in the middle east - i'm talking about the southeast asian low-intensity conflict (which i would define as wartime conditions)

    Basically, small time B&E (robbery) happens on land, so anyone expects criminals to at least try. Where it gets sketchy is when a well organized privateer operation can have a base and a reliable way to sell their loot, and spend it - and that's the crux of the matter: logistics, and the context of war that these conditions meet the requirement for piracy to thrive.

    yes, there are some cases of places like China blocking diplomatic/legal intrusions into their sovereign justice system, but those cases of corruption does not an epidemic make.
to wit: piracy only thrives during times of war.

lmao The reason i'm laffing is because "pirates" in jumpgate (who mostly just used the old PoD "rp" as an excuse to statpad) always claimed their historical roots were based on anarchistic romantic dashing characters giving the birdie to the establishment. (the independent, freewilled sort)
    sorry, they weren't pioneers -- they only existed at the whim of nations at war with each other.
Raiderr's recent attempt at "this is our past, now prepare for vengeance" is a load of bollox simply because there wasn't much to avenge. (i'll repeat the important point here: piracy didn't spring fullgrown from Zeus' forehead, it simply appeared at the fringes of a conflict in an opportunistic way)
    to wax loquatious on the "democratic" fashion of a pirate crew (and it's booty sharing) plus it's charismatic "heroes" and "heroines" completely ignores the fact 'fragging' was probably the rage back then as well (figuratively speaking, of course)

    As for the romance? One doesn't need to be a pirate in order to kindle those feelings, actions and truths.
It was certainly not about "Freedom" in the braveheart sense.
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