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Operation El Nino

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2002 10:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Abstract: vip escort to Hyp from Corr; return ticket. (opposing force attempts to "capture & transport" vip by prison ship to Hyperial; one way ticket - premature Event conclusion if successful)

Involved parties: The main players will be Heretic ("El Nino" squad) and DF ("Hyperial" squad)
    Anyone can help escort. Anyone can try to destroy VIP. (no reasons needed, but welcomed if roleplayed)
VIP: Heretic (will probably be a Gust outfitted initially with "Prototype Cromforge gear"; ie. arties)
    Heretic will be sporting HG tags the entire event (and so will the "prison ship" if Heretic is "captured"
Scheduling: Planning on spreading the event over a 24 hour period to enable the maximum amount of people having a chance to participate.
    Has to be run on my days off: Somewhere between Sunday night and Thursday morning; PST
  1. st Leg: Corr to QC starts 6pm PST
  2. nd Leg: QC to KH starts Midnight PST
  3. rd Leg: KH to Hyp starts 6am PST
  4. th Leg: Hyp to KH starts Noon PST (cancelled if Heretic was "captured & transported" to Hyperial successfully)
  5. th Leg: KH to QC starts 6pm PST (cancelled if Heretic was "captured & transported" to Hyperial successfully)
  6. th Leg: QC to Corr starts Midnight PST (cancelled if Heretic was "captured & transported" to Hyperial successfully)
Plot twists: In the event that Heretic is downed, the event will continue as planned but with the cooperation of Hyperial Squad running a "prison ship" with the roles reversed, but the same VIP concept.
    This is where it gets really complicated but the main points to remember are
  1. Heretic is attempting to obtain Dr.KelvinRuader's genetic ID from Hyperial and to transport it back to Corridor for analysis
  2. to prove whether Dr.KelvinRauder is of a "royal bloodline" (and therefore his presidency is merely the ruling house and the government a oligarchy/monarchy whatever)
  3. OR to prove that Dr.KelvinRauder is simply a common citizen voted into office (and therefore his presidency is separate from the royal houses - sort of like Cromwell and the roundheads versus the royalists)
  4. Hyperion Underground is attempting to capture Heretic's pod and brought to Hyperial for interrogation (considered to be captured and taken to the last station Heretic launched from automatically; Heretic's "El Nino" operatives try to rescue Heretic from one of Hyperion Underground's ships)
  5. If Heretic is rescued (prison ship downed enroute to hyperial) the pilot can log on and continue from last spawned location [/home set to KH if reached]
  6. If Heretic needs to launch from Hyperial this is solved through either Heretic transitting between event legs (risking discontinuity; But, since /home was set to KH this wouldn't be too disorienting if Heretic needed to slip *OOC* into Hyperial) or having some "El Nino" operative transport him out using their ship in lieu of Heretic's ship
  7. If Heretic is "captured" the pilot needs to log off in order to maintain suspension of disbelief...And log back on again if "rescued" (using IRC to coordinate)
  8. If neither HU nor Heretic manage to reach the Leg's destination within 2 hours a "winner" is declared by comparing total flight time of Heretic and the Prison Ship(s)

    The event Leg is stopped at that point. no encores please
Denouement: There are multiple storylines prepared for posting at the conclusion of the entire Roleplaying Event. (all legs must be complete before anything is posted...anyone can, of course, post stories for and against it or whatever...It's just that the GM sponsored JOSSH news article won't be posted until the end)
    Heretic will write up 4 Storyline Post denouements to account for the 4 different Roleplaying Event conclusions.

    DF and Nelson will be allowed to make recommendations as to changes and/or additions

    GM_Moll would, of course, have final say in what is allowed to be the Official post-event JOSSH news release
It might be that Heretic completes operation "El Nino" without getting "captured & transported" more than once (for realism; expecting a flawless mission is a bit naive; the exception to this would be "capture & transport" to hyp. that would be bad. hehe). This would enable a Storyline completely biased against Hyperion Underground (DF/nelson & crew).

On the other hand, if Heretic completes only the 1st leg successfully (or none) and the "prison ship" makes it to Hyperial without Heretic being "Rescued", then a Storyline biased in favor of DF's claims is posted.

The greater possibility of a pyrric victory for one side or the other would create the "murky storyline" where nothing is really revealed. (most likely scenario actually, and allows a sequel) The thing is, with this particular Event format, there will always be a "winner" and there WILL be a bias to the final denouement, however slight.
    The most likely scenario to happen is that Heretic makes it to KH, but gets captured enroute to Hyp and successful transported in a "prison ship" to Hyperial = Pyrric victory for DF & crew

    (i assume that "Heretic" is collecting evidence enroute from Corridor and the further along the pilot gets without being "captured & transported", the more likely Heretic starts leaving "insurance" in the form of datapacks)

"A Heretic may see the truth and seek redemption. He may be forgiven his past and will be absolved in death. A Traitor can never be forgiven. A Traitor will never find peace in this world or the next." -Cardinal Khrysdam: Instructum Absolutio

[ This Message was edited by: Heretic on 2002-02-15 06:56 ]

EDIT: Needed to correct a typo in HU's name that Nelson has cleared up

[ This Message was edited by: Heretic on 2002-02-16 14:06 ]
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2002 10:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scrapped due to apathy from Nelson, DF, and G_Dragon to provide ANY feedback. *shrug*

Oh well, it's not like a big deal...was fun to write up something like this, despite the cold shoulder from folks more interested in kissing GM arse to get a "wingame" button (powergaming) than spontaneity. *g*
    Though all the more power to them for pushing for their own events regardless of how powergaming it is. a storyline/event is fun in itself...better than nothing wink
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