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Alshain's Story

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Master Sergeant
Master Sergeant

Joined: 10 Feb 2002
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2002 10:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Alshain D'Lioncourt
Age: 28
Race: Quantar
Hair/Eyes: Black/Blue

The rest will follow here:

Fields of flowers...
The gentle wind runs through his hair as he takes in a deep breath filled with the perfume of his fiancée standing ever so close, holding him in a tight and almost intimate embrace.

He takes in the moment and holds her away, giving just an instant to take in her beauty.

"Carmen, you are all that matters to me. You are my love, my heart, my entire life." He takes his hand and moves the soft black curls of hair from the side of her face. Her golden skin glitters in the light of the twin suns. She looks at him with her deep brown eyes, witch begin to tear up as emotions tend to bring out even more of her sensitivity "Alshain, you know you hold my heart and I will follow you anywhere. There will never be any other, ever." A few tears begin and he takes a careful hand and brushes them off. For a moment they hold each other tightly, there would be nothing else for these two as they fall into the flowers made into a bed this day, alone in the valley as they consummate their marriage.

After many hours of intimacy they lay there soaking in the rays of the fraternal suns. Alshain looks over to see that she has drifted off into a peaceful sleep and after several minutes of studying her immense beauty he falls asleep as well, in her arms.

Hours go buy and they are both startled awake. The sound of a thousand lions roaring in sync forces its way into their ears. The darkened sky lights up in fire as a inhuman fight is waged in the atmosphere.

Three ships battle, one goes up in flames but an escape pod descends to the surface roughly a thousand meters away from where the two had laid. It crashes fiercely into the hillside. The other two ships continue to battle.

"We must go to him and see if he is hurt!"

Alshain shakes his head no, "It is not our business Carmen, we should let the officials take care of it."

"But Alshain, he may be hurt! We cant let him be!" She begins to tear up again and he knows his argument is lost. "Ok my love, lets go see what we can do." They begin their way over the slope.

When the two reach the site of the wrecked pod it becomes apparent that nothing could of survived this. Yet Carmen runs up to the shattered pod and begins struggling to pull something free. "No Carmen! What in the name of heavens are you doing?" Alshain rushes to her side.. "Help me free him Alshain, he is still breathing."

Alshain looks down at the plates of what looks like black armor covering this being, and yes... indeed the chest plates are heaving slowly as breath still rises through this man!

They manage to drag the man away from the wreckage and Carmen quickly rips a piece of her garment and uses it to stop the blood flow on his badly mangled leg. A jell like substance that must be his blood slows down its passage of escape from the wounded soldier's body.

The man moans... and Carmen removes his helmet. But something goes wrong. The man starts shaking violently. Blood starts to seep from the corners of his mouth and he shouts the word "OCTAVIUS!" and a sound of something like a light whistle passes by. And he slumps down, life gone.

Alshain stares at him wordlessly. Then looks over to Carmen who now has a dazed look on her face. Oh Carmen, I am sorry you have to see this... he thinks to himself. "Carmen?" "Carmen?"

Something is wrong, she is kneeling as she was but a new look, a dreadful look is on her face.

He grabs her by the shoulders... "Carmen what’s wrong?"

"I am so sorry my love." She looks down and he follows her gaze. Blood starts to drain down from her midsection where the soldier had fired his last shot.

Carmen looks one last time into the eyes of her now husband. Love, compassion and now her last breath is with him.

Alshain awakes, shakes his head to clear it and looks over to the holopic of his lost love. Would this memory continue to plague him. He doesn’t know.

He toggles the power of his Solrain Intensity Fighter named "Ironic Justice"...and throttles it up. The heavy fighter comes to life and he moves it from behind the semi-roid he had parked here to get some rest.

Somehow, these memories must end.

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Master Sergeant
Master Sergeant

Joined: 10 Feb 2002
Posts: 63

PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2002 10:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


A bright flash in space. As three ships seemed to appear as out of no where. It is obvious that one is highly damaged and is running from the onslaught of the others. The Octavian has no chance of surviving this encounter.

“Gozer, Shiva is running for deep space, take his 6 and I’ll cut him off at the gate.” Alshain engages the flash fire thrusters custom equipped to his ship and his Intensity shakes violently as the speed triples. Hitmen and barrak rounds pummel the Octavian Phoenix fighter craft as the two veteran Solrain fighter pilots bear down on it with merciless accuracy.

“Please! Please… stop. I meant no harm.” Shiva cries out on his comms channel, but it is to late for this Octavian.. His ship explodes in a bright flash as his ejection pod jettisons.

Alshain adjusts his targeting computer and tracks the ejection pod. Tracers follow the pod as he continues to fire at the Octavian pilot. “Alshain what the hell are you doing!” Gozer shouts over comms “The battle is over, let his pod be.”

“Why can’t they just die!?! Why must I be plagued by these …” The comms breaks as an official T.R.I. Message comes through. << T.R.I. has placed a 1.7 million credit bounty on the Solrain pilot known as Alshain. This pilot is declared hostile and must be brought back to T.R.I. Labs for examination. >>

“There ya go. You’ve done and got yourself a damned bounty! Come on lets get ya back to the station so you can relax and maybe you can go see that Dr you were talking about, what was her name? Q’son or something like that?”

Several years earlier..

Fakar, a thriving city on the smallest inhabited planet of the Quantar solar system known as Kapenja.

The day grows humid as the temperature rises well over 120 degrees. Yet the faithful Quani citizens burden earnestly with their daily routine of labor, and religion. All is the same with the Quani people, for the earnest life of a hard worker goes hand in hand with the way of Hamalzah.

A young women, raises her hand to block the rays of the twin sun so she may be able to see. In front of her stands the Great Temple of Amraza , a great hero to the Quani people who had fought valiantly in the Jihad al Din otherwise known as the Faith Wars. “He can’t possibly still be in there… it has been over two years.” she says to herself while she lifts her wavy brown skirt and walks up the steps.

As she reaches the great hall a priest garbed in black robes moves to greet her. “How may we help you young miss?” The priest says as he looks at her with disapproval. It is not custom for females to come up the steps of the temple, not alone to reach the great hall.

“I am the sister in law of Alshain D’Lioncourt and have a urgent message to give to him.”
The priest looks at her sternly.. ”You know very well that once a young warrior is admitted to the Brotherhood of Amraza that all of his past life is of no matter. Be gone! And do not pester this great place any longer with your presence.”
Yeni Mata Zephyr glared at the priest with untamed hatred. No one ever dared speak to any member of her house in such a way, not alone her.
“Listen here you foolish priest, I am here to see Alshain, and I come with the authority of the house of Neamiu itself!” She took a step forward toward the priest to emphasize her point. “You will admit me in at this very instant. And I will see my brother in law right away!”

The priest was unmoved by her behavior nor the fact that she had claimed to have the authority of the house of Neamiu, the ruling family of the entire Quani people.

At seeing this display an older priest moved towards the two . “Ms. Yeni , I apologies but you must understand it is not our way to admit visitors, and especially women visitors at that.” He took her hand to calm her down. “Come with me, I will arrange for Sir D’Lioncourt to meet with you promptly.” The elder priest lead her down the hall towards yet another magnificent room.

The room was lit by hundreds of candles and the cent of fresh herbs smothered his senses. His eyes closed and in deep meditation, he had been here to regain balance after a physically strenuous combat exercise that he had just engaged in.

The elder priest admitted her to the room and then closed the door silently. Yeni looked over to a young man, half dressed , bearing multiple scars on his upper body that he had allowed to happen in combat even though he was quite capable of preventing them, as inwardly he fealt he deserved the punishment after he had allowed his wife to be taken.

“Alshain?” Yeni said in a tender voice. Was this Carmen? My beloved Carmen…. No. He thought to himself as he took in the site of this young women. I mustn’t do this he thought to himself once again. She looked so much like her sister… it was almost unbearable, yet he was quite pleasant with her.
“Yeni…” He rose to greet her and she grabbed a hold of him tightly and wept. “It has been so long , Alshain. Why must you put yourself through this torture? Why don’t you realize that our entire family misses your presence? And I… I” she began to stammer with her words.. Anger was one thing she handled with ease… but this emotion was entirely different. “I care for you so..” she managed to get out.

“You know why.” Alshain turned around and walked towards the open window. “Ever since I lost her, my life means nothing. Every day I wake, it is without cause. I have failed not only her Yeni.. I have failed your entire family.” His voice now grew very solemn. “If only I could atone for her loss.”

“You needn’t atone for anything Alshain.” She went to stand beside him by the window. “We all morn the loss of my sister, but is wasn’t your fault… and you cant keep punishing yourself this way.” Yeni reached over to grab his arm, but he pulled away. He couldn’t stand her touch… it was as if it awakened a fire within him. He moved back to his place of meditation and dropped back down onto his knees in prayer. “Alshain, I haven’t come all this way to try and bring you back, though I surely wish it. I have a package from Penjia Neamiu and I have been directed to entrust it to you.”

She reached into a bag she had set down at the doorway and pulled out an official envelope, marked by the royal family itself, then handed it to Alshain.

“Thank you Yeni, take my love to your family and go now.”

She started for the door and Alshain spoke up again… “Yeni, I still love her as much as I have ever loved her.”
“I know you do…” she replied gently, as she wished inwardly that it was her he had given his heart to. “ We all know how much you love Carmen.” and she walked out the door.

Alshain opened the letter…
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