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Corporate Database (+archived stories)

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2001 6:16 pm    Post subject: Corporate Database (+archived stories) Reply with quote

moved *IC* story links to bottom of thread. (cause i had some morons complain they didn't know how to use the scroll bar)
    BTW, since this is the inspiration forum, there's a cool description of Megacorporations here based on FASA's GDW division that made the pnp RPG "Megatraveller"

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2002 3:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It should be taken into consideration that the corporate profiles listed on JOSSH are in dire need of a tune up.
    Just look at the "best sellers": ANNI: Landlord?; ARIS: Lifeline?; CROM: Mantra?; DORA: Flatiron?; IHI: Liar; LEXX: Cutlass?; OPL: Rapier?; PSI: Serializer?; SAMS: Sport?; T&P: Rocky?; VENU: Broker? Talk about obsolete...i bet some of the production centers need revamping (which will really put a cramp in my storyline if ND/Themis puts Aristio factories on Hyperial; won't hurt it, it'll just severely inconvenience me...hehe)...Their employee roster probably needs synchronizing as well...All this is obviously low priority compared to other major deficiencies within JOSSH, but it means a great deal to the storytellers

Annihilitech - Mortar Weapons - 324,909 employees
"They Make it, We Break it"
FeatherFire       207000
Senator           210000

Aristio Conglomerated - Energy - 275,164 employees
"Making More Energy"
Dream             750000
Hitman            918300
Rush              500000
Thief             260000

Cromforge Enterprises - Energy - 415,223 employees
"Power the Galaxy"
Abattis          < 24300 (max)
Bender              8500
Calypso             5300
Canopy            150000
Cardoia            85000
Caster            108000
Collector         387000
Creeper            42200
Distortor          29500
Gatherer            8000
Germ               28000
GraveRobber         9000
Harvester         185000
Haven             318000
Keysto            186000
Liana              21500
Mitoria             4500
Mitoria +          16000
Needle             23500
Pod                10000
Purgatory           8500
Rake               30000
Reaper            500000
Root                6000
Seed                9000
Shelter            59000
Shepherd          192000
Shroud            420000
Sirrus              8900
Spore              46000
Thorn             161000
Vine               25000
Warper             18000

Dorator Technologies R&D - Diversified - 117,149 employees
"we build it..."
Barrak            656100
Cobra             147000
Hammer            120000
Hawkeye             1100
Seabear E           2600

Infinite Heavy Industries - Lasers - 426,873 employees
"See the Light"
    They make nothing in the game. WTF??

Lexxor Intelligence - Missile Systems - 231,153 employees
"Lexxor Leads the Way"
Cutlass             8400
Kataka             16000
NockNock            2500
Oracle              2500
Stiletto            8500
ScrewDriver        10000
MorningStar        51500
Witness              952

Octave Propulsion Labs - Missile Systems - 364,122 employees
"Move it"
Beholder           22000
Burn              230000
Burn mk2          415000
Calefactor         27800
Carrier            67000
Centerfuge mk1      8200
Centerfuge mk2     35000
Centerfuge mk3    240000
Centerfuge mk4    410000
Centerfuge mk5  < 742614 (max)
Clarifier          65700
Cyclops            10000
Defier            289500
Deflector          15000
Duelist         < 117700 (max)
Duster             37000
Guzzler           135000
Illuminator         9000
Impeler            20000
Injustice         137000
Jar                15400
Lance              14000
Makk              515000
Pint              484000
Propulsor         165000
Protector          58000
Pusher              5500
Rasp              177000
Resistor          175000
Sentry             20000
Sledge              9300
Smacker             1300
Stinger             5500
Straker            37000
Summoner          236000
Tank               13000

Particle Systems Inc. - Plasma Weapons - 15,924 employees
"Seize the Future"
Insight             6500
Serializer       1000000
Nova mk1         2400000

Samsun Universal - Diversified - 109,524 employees
"Excellence Through All Time"
Deepol           1200000
Hatchet            14500
VAPOR             165000

Tens And Piney Systems - Hazard Solutions - 112,000 employees
Cover your Hiney with Tens and Piney"
Adventa           230000
Alphaa            720000
Cascade           380000
Chime              18500
Contender           8500
Contender XL       28000
Contender XPR     199000
Dealer             27000
Deceptor           29500
Doorbell           59000
Excavator          31000
Flatiron           11500
Hall Monitor        9000
Himelea           102000
Knocker            44000
Landlord           83000
Liar                8000
Lifeline           34000
LongSword          12500
Mana               25000
Mantra              6200
Money               5000
Mortar            570000
Optima              1000
Peeler            183000
Prayer            147000
Rapier              5000
Respect           100000
Rocky             156500
Shark             132000
Spear               1500
Sport LP          265000
Sport             360000
Sport +           555000
Travant            12000
Travant +          63000
Utterance         420000

Venurian Prospecting Ltd. - Mining Equipment - 10,113 employees
"We Mine Your Business"
Banker             84000
Broker             16500

"A Heretic may see the truth and seek redemption. He may be forgiven his past and will be absolved in death. A Traitor can never be forgiven. A Traitor will never find peace in this world or the next." -Cardinal Khrysdam: Instructum Absolutio
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2002 4:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

T&P Systems Assets Attacked By Cromforge Agents
Excelsior wrote:
At exactly 6:32 am Standard [?]Solrain Time yesterday morning, key operatives from an unknown entity within the [?]Solrain Empire in the areas of manufacturing, administration and scientific research struck deeply at [?]T&P Systems assets.

Explosions rocked the planets of [?]Hellion, [?]Amanra and [?]Soria as facilites key to the manufacturing of the much acclaimed Hitmen projectile weapon were destroyed from timed explosive devices planted through the factories. Archives and storage facilites containing the highly classified blueprints as well as the technical specifications mysteriously caught fire on [?]Soria and burned to the ground before local authorites could extinguish the fires. Local authorites blame the slow response time on a faulty alarm system.

Laboratories on [?]Amanra were also hit by mysterious explosions, causing the entire facility to explode in a huge fireball that could be seen by space. Apparently, the laboratory was researching a new weapon which used highly unstable compounds that were present on site at the time of the accident. Several thousand [?]Solrain citizens were killed in the accident, and thousands more were left homeless or wounded. Local authorites are carrying out their own investigation into the incident but there has been no conclusive material as of this writing as to the parties who would have caused this disaster. The only thing that is known at this time is that it was intentional.

With every single facility or ...

Cromforge Enterprises Attacked By Terrorists

OOC: I used to GM for ShadowRun, which was a quasi-fantasy/scifi/cyberpunk world based around evil megacorporations...I'll get around to thinking up some more corporate skullduggery.
An introduction to StockMarkets...
    The "Big 3" are OPL for the Octavians; Cromforge for the Quantars; and TP systems for the Solrains.
Note that their are crossfaction megacorporations, with the most potentially powerful being Aristio Conglomerated...This corp is the only one with Headquarters in all three active factions. (and has factories orbiting Hypsos in Hyperial)
    I was basing a Storyline Post off of this stuff, and expected to have a Roleplaying Event or two worked up later than sooner, but the involved parties never replied and i feared *OOC* complaints if they didn't happen to like the outcome of the actual event.
BTW, here's a link to my favorite Shadowrun fansite.

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PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2002 12:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Now, all i need is a program that'll tell me how much is bought per day and i'll be able to whip up a "pseudostockmarket" based on relative fluctuation in the unit purchases.

Anyone got any ideas?
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US Advisor
US Advisor

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PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2002 10:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Um... Muffy? You do know that the RL stock market prices are almost completely unrelated to daily company performance, right?

The market is 95% incorrect psychology and 5% news events. There are only indirect financial links between a company's production and its stock market representation, mainly in the form of dividents, quarterly earnings reports, and (most dramatic) in buyouts, takeovers, and bankruptcy proceedings.

But all that RL shite aside, knowing how much of what is sold per week would be interesting... if you could account for 5000+ stockpile decay as well. Otherwise you're going to get inflated consumption numbers on obsolete equipment.
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PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2002 3:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hmmmmm? oh, that's interesting. thx, Rainy13. Guess i'll seperate stock market suggestions versus corporate production analysis suggestions.

Anyways, back on topic (thanks to Rainy13)...The best bet we have right now to figure market transactions for commods/gear is slopey's charts.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2002 4:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

god damnit! knew i forgot to archive something! those two stories from PJG are so much space dust.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2003 4:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The stock market, best you get knowledge of the Eliott-Wave-Theorie, then you can make a stock market without knowledge of the sold products.

I found some things about this mathematical very accurat stock prediction method :read:
If there's whisdom beneath it, I hope the soil upon it isn't to hard to dig.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2003 4:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

That reminds me. i went into the hills a couple weeks ago to grab my stuff i'd hidden for almost 8 years. Old first edition Shadowrun source books. among them the highly sought after "Shadowfiles: corporate dirt" with stuff cut out in the 2nd edition version...i think it's time i started quoting from that book
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Joined: 12 Jan 2003
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2003 5:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The newest version is 3.0 or something. Perhaps I can ask a friend who has it to copy for me, although in German (as 80 € are not cheap in my eyes).
If there's whisdom beneath it, I hope the soil upon it isn't to hard to dig.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2003 5:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

nah. 1st version has stuff none of the other versions have. (ie. the 2nd/3rd version do NOT have some items of import)
    at least from what i could tell from window shopping
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2003 10:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

holy shit. EU server made some severe changes to the entire kit and kaboodle. whoa....
Culric wrote:
Patent Convention: Conclusion!
Hail, dear viewers! I have just finished reading the minutes of the patent convention, and boy, did a lot change!
But, before you panic, it seems that the corporations do not want to move any production just yet.

Allow me first to present you with the goal and main conclusions of the convention, and let me tell you why this convention was being held in the first place.

The goal of the convention was as follows: The goal of the patent convention is to ensure stability and continuity of the current production cycles in order to support the reconstruction initiative project, and to safeguard the future of all parties involved in this convention. (102.6.13. : 3)

The main agenda points of this convention were the following:

• Production is not to be moved, even if it means giving up ownership of certain production facilities;
• Better communication is needed in the future;
• The TRI should maintain a position as a neutral referee;
• Improved external relations to the customer. (102.6.13. : 4)

Without further ado, allow me to present you with the main conclusions of the convention:

 Production hasn’t been moved to different physical locations at the cost of hard negotiation and facility sales.
 External communication will be improved to the customer
 Production will be better adjusted to the wishes of the customer
 The wishes of TRI will be respected, but neither taken for granted nor blindly followed in the future
 A more competitive environment will do the corporations and the whole reconstruction initiative good in the long run (102.6.13: 848)

Well, that all sounds great, but allow me to give you a short overview of what in fact will be changed!

  • Infinite Heavy Laser (IHL)

    While they originally were, and indeed remain, a distributor of lasers, they now have decided to also take sales into their own hands. It seems that IHL was displeased with the sales volumes, as well as the profit percentage they were receiving from licensed manufacturers. Also, they foresee that there may be a rationalisation of their product range. It seems that their ultra light lasers, could be removed from production at some point in the future

  • Dorator Technologies R & D

    Dorator’s main interest in the convention was to diversify their range of products. Their current market position with its over-reliance on the ammunition weapon market, is now seen to be too narrow a strategy if investor confidence is to be maintained. The recent loss of Barrack production has reinforced this theory and made diversification all the more urgent.

    Dorator has made a deal with OPL to produce OPL designed power plants under license. OPL in turn will lobby the Octavian government for a Faction Mission to rebuild the Barrak facilities at Hyperial. This deal is widely regarded as a political move, which has lessened tension between the Hyperial and Octavian governments.

    Dorator have reclaimed most of their Power Plant patents from Cromforge in a deal which saw them buy the production facilities for them from Tens and Piney and the Quantar stations. The same goes for the Shielding from above mentioned corporations, as well as OPL. Also, the Straker ammo weapon will return to Dorator’s in house production, which will increase production efficiency. It is understood that there is a deal to share the profits from this item with OPL.

    In return, Dorator sold the production of their ModX department back to OPL for a fair price.

  • Annihilitech

    Annihilitech reclaimed many of their high-end weapon patents, which more than doubles their current product range. This was done to reduce the dependence on their previous product line.

  • Lexxor Intelligence

    The mission of Lexxor in this convention was very simple: to reclaim all missile patents and to sell their ModX production. This goal was achieved.

    The only missile Lexxor didn’t reclaim was the Purgatory, which is manufactured by Cromforge. In exchange for the retention of this high profit item, the production facilities for the rest of the missile range were given to Lexxor without charge, Lexxor also met the cost of the acquisition of the Octavian production facilities and promised to help with the rebuilding of Screwdriver production facilities.

  • Samsun Universal

    Samsun didn’t reclaim any more patents in this round of negotiations. A deal was made with T&P to facilitate the restoration of the Hyperial factories.

  • Particle Systems Inc. (PSI)

    No changes to report. The only goal of PSI was to rebuild their factories, and to reinforce their alliance with Samsun Universal.

  • Venurian Prospecting Ltd.

    Venurian only sent delegates to observe, as they are already in a strong position. Consolidation seems to be their current aim.

  • Tens and Piney systems (T&P)

    Tens and Piney was one of the three major faction based corporations that lost a lot of production capabilities. T&P lost all their laser, missile and Capacitor ranges. Through a special deal with Samsun they were able to sell their high range Power Plants (the Sport range) and paid a lot of money to keep the high range shields on which the patents were rather unclear.

    In return of the loss of the missiles to Lexxor, they gained all Solrain ModX production.

    Still, T&P were quite satisfied with the convention. Although they lost a lot, they had expected this, as their factories were already overstretched and some of their patent rights were “uncertain”. A statement was issued by T&P, OPL and Cromforge, stating the following:

    We knew for a long time that the huge concentration of production at several faction based corporations wouldn’t last forever. Therefore, we made agreements with all other corporations not to hang onto too much if our lives depended on it. We see the changes as mutually beneficial, for several reasons:

    • It allows us to focus on a smaller range of products which will allow us to increase efficiency and down-size bureaucracy and overhead costs
    • Because production will now shift to several non-faction based corporations, the dependence of all TRI pilots on the relationship between factions and their related corporations, will decrease. This can only improve the long-term stability upon which we all depend.
    • The final arrangement of patents and production gives all corporations the chance to look into the distant future without having to live in uncertainty whether or not they will keep those patents. That also allows investments into new developments, since our financial position is now much clearer than before. (102.6.13 : 342)

  • Aristio Conglomerated

    Aristio saw their entire weapon and engine production being reclaimed. In exchange, they made deals with the main faction based corporations to reclaim the production of their patented Capacitors. Aristio was disappointed to lose the Rush and Dream engine production rights, but as they had no claim over them whatsoever, they had no choice but to bow to the inevitable.

  • Octave Propulsion Labs (OPL)

    Just like T&P, OPL lost a lot of their production while gaining some ModX production. Just like T&P OPL could live with losing a lot of products, as they were able to save some high end products.

    These include the Makk Shield (for which they paid a handsome sum) and the entire Centerfuge Power Plant series. For this, they will try to convince the Octavian government to issue a Faction Mission to rebuild the production of Barraks at Hyperial.

    According to OPL, this deal benefits Octavians (as prominent users of the Barrack), as well as ensuring that a high quality Power Plant series will stay in Octavian territory.

    They assured Dorator that they will lobby the Octavian government for a Hyperial FM as soon as the current conflict between Octavia and Hyperial is resolved.

  • Cromforge Enterprises

    As a faction based company, Cromforge was under no illusions as to its prospects.

    While losing much production, Cromforge is not unduly concerned. They managed to keep the Purgatory missile, the Haven and Shroud shield as well as the Thorn laser. This, no doubt, cost Cromforge a lot of money in the short term, but they keep a strategic foothold in the market.

Well, there you have it dear viewers! I must tell you, summarising the 1000 page report was very time consuming, but in the end it was all worth it.

What conclusions can be drawn from this convention? To me, it has proved that Enterprises can work together on a basis of mutual respect, and this can serve as example to some of our space-based squads!

A crisis in production has been averted, and with the resolution of so many potential conflicts over patents, the corporations are able to make more accurate long term financial plans. So, all though things seem peaceful now, don’t be surprised if we see a full-scale economic war between corporation in the future!

But, all the better, as there will be more for me to report! I hope you’ve enjoyed the patent convention broadcast dear viewers, and we will be in touch as soon as the occasion arises!

JumpGate Today

there. all that is left is to get my arse in gear and collate this data with BaadF00d's cost index stuff, (similar to his work on commodities, here)
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