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Automated "Band Aid" (ie. /give; santa claus) Repl

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2002 7:17 am    Post subject: Automated "Band Aid" (ie. /give; santa claus) Repl Reply with quote

n00bs are creative, ingenious, hard-working and keen to build a secure future for themselves. They are NOT monkeys in the zoo who you aren't supposed to feed peanuts, but shmucks do it anyways and wonder who built the cages...hmmmmmmmmm
Originally posted by Ventura
On this subject, I agree that giving cash is wrong. However, the economy is nerfed in such a way that it is more difficult to earn credits than when we started.
IMO, if there weren't so many stupid ways to rake in cash with our economy (which hasn't been given a serious look since it's coding) people won't stop acting like arrogant &^%#$#...There will always be people giving away free crutches and feeling might big about themselves.

Lemmie clarify my position: If a n00b asks for information i will give them a reasonable answer; One that is as objective as i can make it, without trying to bias them for or against a career choice - An answer that concentrates on the priorities and not ghey little mountains of trivia - Answer what's asked and K.I.S.S.
    And if some n00b wants to spend money on a blackmarket item that he/she has requested i broker for them, i make sure i don't charge them more than my tax costs - And i warn them about the dangers of buying gear like that - I sell it to them if they say they understand.
FYI, you may throw around small amounts without me getting snarky, but I do not endorse UNSOLICITED donations via /give 100000+ (no one likes to feel like they need charity.) It's demeaning; furthermore, acting like throwing cash and XP exploits is "the best thing to do for n00bs" is Condescending and Arrogant (duh!)

BTW, i do not endorse acting like santa claus with banker mining lasers; Do you freakin realize how many n00bs have their morale crushed when they crash for the nth time?!?!?

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2002 5:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Originally posted by LyteFoot
It has only been 7 weeks since I was a noob and I can remember just how much I appreciated help. I do agree loading them with credits is senseless, they can't even use them till they level several times.

However setting them up with decent equipment is to me very helpful and is personally satisfying as well. I remember how helpless it is to be in an apty with one little hurt nothing laser. What makes it worse is mr big important warrior flies through on his way to some personal mission and spawns 3 c2's for mr noob to deal with.

For every player that is willing to REALLY help with advice, equipment to go with that advice, and time there are twice as many taking students to never be seen again. Add to that the level 20+ players I've seen taking HG level 0-3 ( I've witnessed one while late in docking and they were gone when I relaunched and heard of two others while in Oct core). Then there are all the pilots that get mad at a noob for not following landing procedure, stealing flux, etc.

Guys teach them, tell them what they did and why they shouldn't. Help get them enough equipment to survive in today's busier universe. Then take a student and SPEND TIME WITH THEM. You want them to make it on their own, you want more players in the game, but you want them to stay out of your way. Well in this game it doesn't work that way MMORP means multiple players at all levels and I don't see enough positive interaction between the high levels and low levels lately. There are a number of players who do spend a lot of time helping, there are others who see new players as a bother or someone to exploit.

I don't think ND or Themis will be willing to spend forever on just the current game population. We need them as much as they need us.
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