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Weekly World News (Gamespy's MMOG column)

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2002 3:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Critique: Kinda limp. it's almost pablum for anyone who's been weened on Jessica Mulligan's stuff. His usual technique is to talk about his "feature presentation" (blurb about a game chosen)
He's quite formulaic about his approach, which i admire. Through this guy i've actually learned what "GamePlay" means. lol
  1. Your gaming perspective (ie. FPS)
  2. Your Interface (ie. simulator+station interface; with external JOSSH)
  3. Your learning curve (ie. pretty freakin steep)
I don't think his column's format could handle content updates. sure doesn't look like an indepth look. (ie. And unfortunately, he gets fired after his 8th issue and gets replaced. bleh. After that it's nothing more than stupid puff pieces.

A Quick Definition - March 2001
So what's an MMOG? A Massively Multiplayer Online Game is one in which there is a persistent world online that exists whether or not you as a player are participating in it. Your own character develops over time (or your empire grows over time), and while you control your own destiny, you share the world with any number of other players -- all with their own agendas, desires, and neuroses.

Given my definition of an MMOG, I won't be covering developments for games that are primarily offline games -- for instance, Half-Life: Counter Strike is one of the most popular online games around, but it's not an MMOG. Neither is Diablo or Diablo 2 for that matter. MMOGs are games in which the entire world (or universe) is your oyster -- not just a run through a set of missions on a remote server.
I've skipped through his articles and here's a few of the better ones:
Issue 4: Comments on the MMOG genre (newbies)
This guy really knows my sorrow about people running around "helping" newbies and organizing "Band-Aid"'s to sing the virtues of handing out bankers. (I hate mentoring people who don't request it...I actually find most n00bs to shy away from advice. Please if you read this, don't succumb to the urge to /give 1000000 or hand out bankers or /wingman kill EELs)
Issue Ten: Comments on the MMOG genre (developer's narrowing focus on what the gamers' world is currently, not their vision of what should be)
After they fired the initial reporter, we find the new guy useless, so i redirect you to where this new guy got his inspiration from.
Issue Twelve: Comments on the MMOG genre (Developer's underestimation of the socializing power of mmogs)
Each article is now by a new person...each with a unique writing style. blech! Anyways, this article is sorta neat and talks about a geek turning into a socialite

Bookmark (still sifting throught the archives)

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