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Artifacts 101

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2002 1:02 am    Post subject: Artifacts 101 Reply with quote

Lothar's Artifact Guide (hosted by JumpGate Center)
That's another one by [Horizon] squadron

EU server search patterns

Estimated Street value for Arty's?, alternate, alterate (US server only; note that "farming" causes the inflation. since arty's are the only item player sold, you'll notice it's much higher than EU pricing which has less of a "farming" problem)
Artifact hunting
Classified UMEC artifact forum

First off, goto those links above, because i'm sure they're much better than the below contributions...besides, i haven't updated the below data for's probably got lots of misconceptions. (treat it like a history file of our first week of artifact exposure)
  1. most wreckage types contain artifacts that cannot be equipped immediately. These types are either DSS or UC...other types are fully equippable, but more uncommon.
  2. Modx artifacts are only cumulative if they are not identical (you can have identical class types, but they'd have to be varying subclasses)
  3. Wreckage can be targetted (yellow radar blob)
  4. important info: looks like there's only one wreckage per sector; usually spawning around 90k from rotacol 0,0,0; respawns randomly as a random (usually lousy quality) immediately after the previous was captured. (I am not 100% positive the artifacts will hang around permanently until captured)
  5. important info: Location of sector does not improve quality of wreckage, nor it's spawn location.
  6. In order for the Insight/Displacer to work you must approach the wreckage between 5-10 velocity with the insight on (range 65m) must be going faster than 5v
  7. You gain XP and medal when you capture the wreckage contents. (2500xp and 5000xp for a medal. you can only have one full set. period.)
  8. You cannot make any artifacts yet...those UC artifacts are commodities that will probably need a Faction Mission building to construct devices/gear that work.
  9. DSS artifacts are exchangable at Official GM sponsored events
  10. important info: Any artifact sold to station goes poof.

PJG general forum thread
Decidence's Artifact database
It looks like they can spawn anywhere within a reasonable radius (about 100k from the jumpgates, it seems). They show up as yellow blips (or at least they did when I saw them) on the radar. They won't be targettable until they come within range.
Artifact 101
Perform searches out to 80-90k out. Select a jg to use as your first radius. They spawn bw 60-130k out. Searching bw 60-90k out gives you plenty of space to recon the range.

From my exp faction artifacts seem to only spawn in their own faction space. I was thinking it would be very more scattered bc of the great collapse and all, but finding faction type relics is performed by searching that factions space.

Once you extract an artifact the container for the artifact is destroyed with a nice particle effect. When you have the artifact in your hold you can then classify it quickly by the label.... You can select the artifact container or wreckage like a bcn or a jg. It'll show up yellow on your radar.

Hope the above helps.


To get the artifact out of the wreckage, takes less than two seconds. There is no 'sweet spot' or 'weak spot' as some have called it. It's not how much you move the laser around, or how long you mine it, it's how close you are. I can get an artifact out within a few seconds of reaching the wreckage. I stop near it, head to it with Insight on, and actually try to hit it, but it disintegrates before I actually make contact. I never actually come to a complete stop, and am heading back out within seconds.

to be honost shug...i'm still rather baffled...i went out with a party and we found quite a few bits and peices of junk but nothing to really get excited about, no uber shields or engines. not even a powerplant. we found mostly those data modulkes and other weird items that say if you give it to a scientist he can make stuff out of it...i don't know what that means....

we did find some interesting modx stuff but nothing worth a considerable amount, one that increased engine efficany and anouther that gave your capacity more recharge rate or something...but err...

other than that...just garbage! LOL...

how ever we did find out some interesting things about the artifacs behavoir, their spawning consitances and area's. or at least a little bit about it. the collor of the artifact that you find represents the condition of the item inside. bright gold, super good...kinda rusty brown...crappy...pure blue, a rare item...ect.

we still gona keep looking. the most notable fact about going out to get relics is of course the exspereince you get for getting these items. the medals look nice too. its not a krakan kill but still its a decent reward for looking for em.

the only pain in the ass is that some people have a little radar glitch that allows them to find the items right away.

those who do not have this glitch though, don't worry, you can still find relics, it just takes a little bit more work. and a little luck. some of the stupid things spawn right in radar range. :razz:


To do an exhaustive search of a sector, let's say you have a radar that covers 35k. from any jumpgate, set your rotacol to "/rotacol 65 65 65" fly to this spot. now target and fly to the following coordinates (in order)

65 -65 65
65 -65 -65
65 65 -65
-65 65 -65
-65 65 65
-65 -65 65
-65 -65 -65

At this point, you will have covered quite a bit of the space within a *** cubed volume around the origin (actually, to get a picture of exactly what is covered, click here.

A new wreckage spawns almost immediately after the previous one is salvaged. I was lucky enough once to have the new wreckage spawn on radar after I picked up the first one. Two for one sale.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2002 9:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Artifact goes poof
Contrary to rumours, there's no residue left over. *g*
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2002 9:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Baadf00d's analysis
  • The PC-DSS 'poor' type items are very common finds, and at the moment appear to be utterly valueless. We have no way of knowing really, but I had rather a lot of these before I was forced to sell them.
  • 99% of the MODx items are so useless that finding a PC-DSSn 'poor' is actually preferable. We seem to have heaps of 'filler' items that exist purely to be different looking things to sell for a few credits. Maybe im not thinking straight, but -3000kg mass, or 3% capacitance increase do not appear to do anything usefull in terms of actually increasing a ships accelleration, or allowing larger weapons like Nova MK. I be used even noticably more efficiently.
  • There is no advantage to looking for artifacts in unregulated space. It seems that regulated, and unregulated both have the same chances for quality and item spawns.
  • There is no advantage to looking for artifacts in Conflux level 3 sectors (i.e. sectors that spawn conflux suitable for completing level 3 combat missions - c7, c8 c9 and c10)
  • The spawn parameters: always between 90km-100km of the "primary" gate is itself quite cheesy, as it makes any search a 2d search on the surface of a sphere around a somehow "special" gate.
  • Artifact searching is not a task that can be undertaken by low level craft. A Tow using a relativly efficient search pattern in a sector can expect to find a wreck every 40 minutes on average. A oct scout can knock that down to about every 30 minutes, but will have to rely on a tow to come retrieve the artifact. Slow shuttles with small radar I havnt bothered to do the maths for, but soemthing in the order of 4 hours _average_ per find is probably aiming low
he goes on to bitch about the system i am satisfied with.

As for my opinion of the nonsensical approach? uhm..i have the same opinion of Brokering: "it promotes a sense of community and involvement for the newbies. period. end it right there"
The perfect 18 i call them... as for reference, see the work done at

[0 0 90]
[18 64 61] [-64 18 61] [-18 -64 61] [64 -18 61]
[77 42 18] [-43 77 18] [-77 -43 18] [43 -77 18]
[24 85 -18] [-85 24 -18] [-24 -85 -18] [85 -24 -18]
[58 33 -61] [-33 58 -61] [-58 -33 -61] [33 -58 -61]
[0 0 -90]

These points are all at (approx) 90k out from [000] and are optimally spaced. They produce very little in the way of uncovered space in the shell from 90-100k out if covered with a 40k radar. 18 pilots sitting at these points, or one pilot covering them all will do quite well. I have configurations for n=15 - n=25 converted to rotacol. Only 18 is so symmetric.

total length is approx 1,750,000m (99% w/40k radar)

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2002 8:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

felt like bumping this after repairing the link to =Horizon Ind= squad.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2002 10:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

How-To of stacking Modx (especially arty's)

WhiteSwan wrote:
AB1,2,3,4 Stack?
GM Archon asked GM Jossh if AB Modx stack and the answer i got was they do. Now since I have a whole selection of AB's to choose from i tried to stack AB3 and AB4 and there was no vel change on my tow. So are AB modx still suppose to stack?

Or is this just a EP2 thing were they will stack?

Would like to know.


MaxFusion wrote:

I "thought" they could stack if they were of diff quality (poor, avg, perfect, etc.). But since the AB's are all perfect they can't stack.

Prolly a good thing so you don't have a 15% boost to everything. (for the rest of us at least)
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