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Conflux (Pinoccio with a severe attitude problem?)

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2001 9:40 am    Post subject: Conflux (Pinoccio with a severe attitude problem?) Reply with quote

MajorFreak wrote:
posted from this thread
The conflux were a failed biological warfare experiment by Amananth.

It's simple. Amananth is xenophobic and fears outside contact. the paradox is you need to know thine enemy, so i'll bet they excelled at long range probe reconnaissance and discovered some specimen that they tried to genetically engineer to be their defense forces.

They had to have failed in this attempt and let loose a force unequalled at that time...probably instigating the great collapse at the same time.

My guess is that Amanath's eagerness to communicate with TRI is it's cultural sense of conscience, and the fear of what they'd created so long ago.

Ten to one this rogue alien threat (conflux) is way beyond control at this point. Even if we do find it's "homeworld", there's next to no chance of diplomatic relations with a race of predators.
The Conflux were "obviously" bioengineered by Amananth and/or Hyperial. I prefer the former because it's both simple and complex to say Aman created the conflux.
  1. simple in the sense that conflux and aman space/planet are the same color theme
  2. complex in the sense that it would be TOO simplistic to think that hyperial created the conflux (either recently or right before the great collapse) and were prepared to frame aman for the deed
"You know, I don't know which is worse. You don't see the conflux fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage..."

heh. wouldn't that be cool if we made up a storyline along the lines of "Carter Burke", Aliens Resurrection and all that Dark Horse Comics goodness? yummy!! Instead of biowarfare with Aliens, we have corporations and factions bioengineering (in their usual hollywood sloppyness) conflux? What if Amananth tried to bioengineer aliens and set loose a monster that threatens to destroy the universe? (it would also explain why they are so very xenophobic. heck, xenophobia could have been the reason they tried to create an interstellar combat force. Yeah...hehe...that would be cool! (woo..crap, where'd that come from??)

Here's an old poll thread at ND RP forum
Here's a more recent poll by GM_Moll
Alien...And in trying to figure out how to destroy the alien, the crew discovers the Company's plans to bring back the alien for their Bio-Weapons Division -- no matter what the cost.

Aliens...While securing their base, Ripley and the remaining Marines discover the Company's plan to return to earth with an alien for their Bio-Weapons Division by impregnating Ripley and Newt and killing the rest of the Marines.

Ali3...Company representatives are sent to the planet to acquire the alien for their Bio-Weapons Division

Rez...The nefarious experiments begin. An unholy combination of human and alien genetics is discovered, made possible by an uneasy alliance between a renegade band of smugglers and a zealous cadre of scientists and officials. One subject is familiar, a woman horrifically linked to the alien species that now elicits so much scrutiny. Ellen Ripley is back and all is not what it seems.

No amount of arrogance, science or technology can control the biological destiny that compels the aliens. A destiny that only Ripley understands, on a deeply personal, primal level. To combat the alien menace, Ripley must team up with the smugglers, including an enigmatic mechanic named Call, who may be the instrument of Ripley's resurrection or the weapon of her destruction.
I found those quotes here:

very small clip from aliens for private viewing pleasure
very small clip from Resurrection for private viewing pleasure
course all that's copyright of FOX. This is too:
It'll breed. You'll die. Everyone in the ... fucking....(searches for the word, then spits it out)... company. Will die.


Weyland Yutani.

He has entered behind her, comes up to the table.

Our Ripley's former employers. Terran Growth conglom, had some defense contracts under the military. Before your time, Gediman -- they went under decades ago, bought out by Walmart. Fortunes of war.

(to Ripley)
You'll find things have changed a good deal since your time.

I doubt that.

We're not flying blind here, you know. This is United Systems military, not some greedy corporation. The potential benefits of this race go way beyond urban pacification. New alloys, new vaccines ... there's nothing like this in any world we've seen. You should be very proud.

She laughs, bitterly.

Oh, I am.

And the animal itself is wonderous. They'll be invaluable once we've harnessed them.

It's a cancer. You can't teach it tricks.

This stops Wren, and he retreats silently. Ripley repeats word to herself, thinking.
"Them" ...
One by one the crew files out. Seeing them en masse, we get a clearer view of what separates them from this Environment. They're not wearing uniforms. They're an eclectic, fiercely indivualist group, their look varied -- spots of bright color showing through militarian space gear. Johner's bright tuorquise bowling shirt. Elgy's and St Just's floorlength leather dusters. Even Vriess's chair stands out as he wheels down the platform. What they have in common is the toughness, the wary eyes, leathery skin. The cool readiness to kill. These guys are smugglers. A long while ago, you'd have called them pirates. All eight of them emerge, one by one, looking around them. They file past the silent, uniformed soldiers.
A stack of bills dropped down on a desk, then another. They're green, and identifiably money. But they're square, about the size of cocktail napkins. The face on them is unfamiliar. Thousand dollar bills.

A good sized suite, decorated in a sparse, military fashion. Perez is behind his desk, the money sitting between him and Elgyn.

This wasn't easy to come by.

Neither was our cargo. You're not pleading poverty, are you?

We're well funded. I mean the bills. There's not many that still deal in coin.

Just the ones that don't like their every transaction recorded. The fringe element. I guess that would include you, though, wouldn't it?


Constantly. I'm guessing whatever you've got going here wasn't exactly approved by congress.

Perez pours two whiskeys.

PEREZ (changing the subject)
So where do you go from here?

Out by the Handle. We've got a couple of harvesters, we can unload 'em on one of the collectives if Vriess and Call get 'em working.

Call. Where'd you find her?

She is severely fuckable,isn't she? - And the very devil with a socket wrench. I think Vriess somewhat pines.

He takes a stack of bill, smells it. He likes the smell.-

She is curious about this little transaction. You can hardly blame her, Awfully cloak and dagger...

Perez hands a drink to Elgym.

This is an army operation.

Most army research labs don't have to operate outside regulated space. And they don't call for the kind of cargo we brought.

Do you want something, Elgyn?

Just bed and board, couple of days worth. If we're not imposing.

Not at all. Keep out of the restricted areas, don't start any fights, and mi casa is yours too.

Elgyn drinks to that.

I trust, of course, that you can mind your own business.

ELGYN (smiles)
I'm famous for it.

They drink.
ST JUST (quietly)
I could do him. Painless, back of the head. Might be the best way.

There's gotta be another way. If we freeze him --


They all look at him, a bit sheepishly.

A parasite. A foreign element that ....

Ripley steps in front of the doctor.

There's a monster in your stomach. They (indicating the smugglers) hijacked your cryotube and sold you to him (indicating,Wren)
and he put an alien in you. In a few hours it will punch its way through your chest and you'll die. Any questions?

Purvis is wide-eyed, stunned. After a moment he stammers

Who are you?

I'm the monster's mother.
Call ....

CALL (bitterly)

LM7? Shit. That explains a lot.

YRIESS (to Ripley)
The latest and best. They were supposed to revitalize the synthetic industy. Instead they buried it.

Ripley looks at the girl.

They were-too good.

Oh yeah. Overrode their own behavioral inhibitors. Didn't feel like being told what to do. The government ordered a recall. Fucking massacre.

I always heard there were a few that got out alive, but man... I never thought I'd see one.

Johner starts laughing.

Oh, Christ. Doing fucking nickel and dime border runs, selling second hand junk to the farm belt... and we're carrying the most expensive piece of contraband in the system. That's rich.

PURVIS (getting anxious)
It's great, she's a toaster oven... Can we leave now?
Why did you come here?

To kill you, remember?

Before the "recall," I accessed the mainframe. Every dirty little covert op the government ever dreamed of is in there.

(exhales) And, the aliens, even the crew from the Betty. I knew if they succeeded, it'd be the end of them.

Why do you care what happens to them?

(smacks lips) Because I'm programmed to.

You're programmed to be an asshole?


RIPLEY (off)
You're the new asshole model (chuckling) they're putting out?

Come on.
damn...not much else i could use for inspiration...and to top it off the critics blasted it: "Although the imagery and the overall feel are silken, the script is weak, predictable and formulaic. The plot is also over-familiar and the film lacks tension and surprise. Jeunet does pretty well with what he has, bringing it to life with his special brand of sinister vision. His imagery has the dark, post-industrial quality that makes Alien such a realistic look into the future. He manages to weave in some intrigue, gory images and a sense of futuristic decadence that epitomises cutting-edge space fantasy. The resurrection here is of the film's good name, its terrifying concept and, ultimately, its style." hehe
The whole script is available here:

You can also see the concept of the evil corporation reflected in the Dark Horse Comics of their Alien series

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2001 1:45 am    Post subject: An alternative explanation/history Reply with quote

On the other hand, it could be entirely possible the Conflux who appeared two years ago in known space as a new phenomenon are actually an ancient race of 'Berzerkers**' intend on death and destruction...which is in line with the Jim Meran files which stated the conflux were around BEFORE the great collapse over two thousand years ago. (amananths being some sort of 'guardian' race perhaps)

JumpGateWeb hosts the Jim Meran Files (date:nov2002)

Jim Meran files part1
Jim Meran files part2
Jim Meran files part3
Jim Meran files part4
Jim Meran files part5
Jim Meran files part6
Jim Meran files part7
Jim Meran files part8
Jim Meran files part9
Jim Meran files part10
Jim Meran files part11

hmmmmmmm...according to Jim Meran files the Amananth are mechanical AIs and the conflux are nonorganics as well...(that's gleaned from reading half of the epic to goto work soon, but will clarify any information i have about aman/conflux)
    My guess is that the author is painting a picture of a "Berzerker Race" (sci-fi fiction archetype)
    I wonder if the author ever read David Brin's novels, especially this short story?
FOLLOWUP: yeah, looks like i guessed right about the "Berzerker Race" (looks like the organic conflux are "uplifted" slaves of the zerks...which kinda skews my original desire to portay the Amananth as the one's who unleashed the conflux after a failed bio-weapons experiment.)

Damn. i wonder how i might work my idea into the "berzerker" context? hmmmmmmm...

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2002 6:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Piza|ND - TRI is unable to tell at this point if the Conflux ships are ships or beings themselfs
Sam|ND - themselfs?
Piza|ND - thx sam(ass0
Sam|ND - apparently, the conflux are a race of elfs

JGstratics chat log 2000-09-22
The original article can be found here
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2002 8:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, i think it's more like the Conflux are some "Berzerker" race.
by Fred Saberhagen
Published by BALLANTINE, 1967. Published by ACE, 1978. To be reprinted by BAEN, 1997.
Copyright (c) 1967 Fred Saberhagen

Long ago, in a distant part of the galaxy, two alien races met--and fought a war of mutual extinction. The sole legacy of that war was the weapon that ended it: the death machines, the BERSERKERS. Guided by self-aware computers more intelligent than any human, these world-sized battlecraft carved a swath of death through the galaxy--until they arrived at the outskirts of the fledgling Empire of Man.

These are the stories of the frail creatures who must meet this monstrous and implacable enemy--and who, by fighting it to a standstill, become the saviors of all living things.
i remember this novel because at one time it was a board game by the same name...

Thing is, just because conflux are organic doesn't hinder the "killing machine" (self-replicating hunter killers) motif...In fact, it pretty much bridges the gap if you consider the artist G.Giger's Alien concepts looked very much "machine-like"
    Cut out the silly pink color, and you've got yourself a rather nasty functional alien killer "machine"
Okay, you ask, why the hell should i care? Well, it's a lot cooler to think of something totally alien compared to debating whether Amananth or Hyperial constructed these Conflux. (debating whether aman is a machine race and incapable of creating biological warfare tools whereas hyperial has the biotech expertise. etc etc)

In other words, to be quite blunt, what scares you more?
  1. Conflux bioengineered by a known faction/corporation (that either got way out of hand, or is still under control)
  2. Conflux is some other force of destruction far beyond the ken of even the mysterious Amananthians? (ie. Jim Meran concept)
  3. After reading Lungfish i came to realize that there's something much more terrifying that a "Berserker" force sent by alien life - The mind-numbing realization those very forces might decide on their makers' fates (the Rejectors versus the Loyalists...Jim Meran files support the idea that the Amananthians might be that Loyalist faction among the various "Artificial Intelligences")
<font color="deeppink"><b>Pinoccio with a severe attitude problem?</b></font>
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2002 12:06 pm    Post subject: Could conflux once have been jumpgate pilots? Reply with quote

perhaps the reason for the appearance of the Conflux is that the jumpgates themselves tend to alter our genetic material occasionally? We're playing with we really know all the potential risks involved in jumpgate travel? After 300 years of documented successful travel by SRI & then TRI jumpgate pilots you'd think we'd have figured it all out by now.

I submit to you the fact that one of our TRI scientists was "assimilated" by the conflux as being probable proof that the differences between our species might not be so great after all...

Could these conflux be our lost brothers and sisters? Our civilizations have been flirting with jumpgate technology for over 200 years, so the chances of US being the very source of these creatures is a good one. don't you think?
"A Heretic may see the truth and seek redemption. He may be forgiven his past and will be absolved in death. A Traitor can never be forgiven. A Traitor will never find peace in this world or the next." -Cardinal Khrysdam: Instructum Absolutio
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2002 8:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's about it on what i've focused on for conflux stuff beyond mere FAQ stuff...i'm sure i'll give that thread a revision once EP2 pops up and conflux RP begins in earnest. (though i'm still going to avoid tracking "storyline" in that context)
    or in any context, truth to tell...i'm shipping off to EU server and am avoiding such stuff in the future. Doubt i'll return to active status for UMEC on the US server

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