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Mining 201

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 1:06 pm    Post subject: Mining 201 Reply with quote
[quote=Hectoras]Not wishing to hijack the thread, but what then does a tech 2 WCS bring to the party?
[/quote]a long time ago in a patch far far away, i do believe the tech2 variant of the WCS used to have, i could have been mistaken since i was a bit n00bish back then.

I never use WCS tech2, really, since 'halycon' named items do just fine. Mining in low sec with 2 WCS used to be my bread and butter using cheap covetors and cheap tech1 strip miners.
But, you see, the problem is that smart pirates will 'bump' you enough so that WCSs are useless, when you need them.
So moral of the story, when mining in low sec is don't bother with dual WCSs, because if the pirate is an idiot they'll only have the strength 1 disruptor and won't be smart enough to bump...and be dumb enough so you're already aligned and about to warp when they trundle to the asteroid belt you're in.

As for high sec use of WCS? well, if you're worried about suicide ganks, bumping will usually ruin your day anyways, so use Giant Secure Containers (GSCs) to disguise what you're hauling. If they're gonna suicide gank you, they're going to succeed most of the time.

If you're hauling and dealing with the average run of the mill low sec pirate in a ship that isn't fast enough to bump you in time (say a gate camping battleship) two WCS, an inertia stabilizer tech2, and the rest expanded cargo tech2s (with tech 2 medium shield extenders and resistance amplifiers/hardeners in the mids)...not to mention an improved cloak (or prototype) in the high is prudent.
you know?

course, then there's the idiot mission runners in ravens and their WCStabbed cloaked CNRavens >_<


my recommendation for low sec miners is

  • mine kernite, in a system with a station (and 50% refining, and repair, plus some standings with) at a belt that's 15au+ from any gate...preferably one with lots of asteroid belts. It's tuff playing the guessing game of where to mine. go with functional instead of random. If you're trying to outsmart the dumb pirates, it's a waste of time. The smart pirates are cloaked and you're going to die anyways, no matter matter how good you are. Find out who those people are and keep them on your 'buddy list'
  • be paranoid about local and make sure your local chat is not stacked/grouped/etc with any other windows and you have your directional scanner set to maximum range and maximum angle and active settings toggled.
  • keep your miner aligned to station. better yet, make sure you have a combat docking BM to put you inside the docking zone guaranteed. Have a dedicated hauler to pick up your jetcanned ore.
  • have someone ready to remote rep your miner, and i'd suggest using a covetor or retriever - preferably a battlecruiser with a laser optimization gang link active. If you're solo, and ninja mining, i'd suggest the osprey instead.[/*]
  • my dream system is a station that also includes a lvl3 locate agent that my hauler can use. utter heaven.[/*]
  • don't be rude. don't act too paranoid with people in local. expect to die[/*]

I mean this in all sincerity: mine veldspar and don't waste your time. the relative cost/benefit ratio does not work in your favor for mining in low sec anymore, at asteroid belts.
If you're serious about low sec mining, go find an explorer friend. explorers are notorious for hating gravimetric exploration sites (because they can't finish them fast, and they want to get something else to spawn in it's place)...and that's where you come in. mining out a deadspace spawned belt in low sec is FUN. risky, mostly you're breaking even with the veld macrominers, but hella fun. It's a steep learning curve, but if your name indicates your chosen profession, OP, i'd look into exploration in a serious way.
otherwise go mine veld in high sec with the macrominers called XDFDR3...which is why i prefer low sec. i'd rather risk death than mine next to 8 characters all created in the same hour
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