Welcome to UMEC (United Mining and Exploration Commission),


UMEC is a peaceful squad, devoted to helping TRI rebuild the galaxy, we specialize in mining and exploration but can also undertake other endeavors such as  conflux extermination and trading.


We are fundamentally not a PvP squad but will not hesitate to defend ourselves if attacked. Many of our members have distinguished themselves in combat before, and may do so again if necessary.


Due to the large number of pilots in UMEC, it is imperative that pilots show that they are able to work independently. Command staff will be stretched thin and cannot be everywhere at once. Because of this we do ask each member to do their best in becoming financially independent. We will be happy to help you reach this goal by teaching you how to make money, where to go for the juicy asteroids and how to complete missions quickly and effectively!


UMEC is organized into 2 major divisions (Defense and Economic). Each group has a Captain, that (when needed) is capable of organizing convoys, solving problems and teaching new pilots. Due to the ranking restraints on the JOSSH website, when Captains appoint Lieutenants to help their duties, they will not be listed on JOSSH, but will be listed here.


UMEC also has a group of advisors which help me make decisions regarding the future of our squad. These pilots are veteran and are good people to ask questions to. As the squad grows the need for more advisors will be needed, and more shall be appointed. Communication is key to success, so please check the website often for news/events and make sure you are on the squad e-mail list.


The members of this squad all have unique talents and skills, they come from all corners of the galaxy and all walks of life. We are open to all cultures and beliefs and anyone who is willing to serve TRI is welcome to join


-MadCat (UMEC President)

-edited by Decidence


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