Welcome to UMEC (United Mining and Exploration Commission),


As UMEC is a peaceful squad there are a few things all members should be aware of:


1. UMEC Beacon Policy: UMEC pilots are Not forbiden to flip beacons, However please refrain from flipping Faction beacons to a non-faction color (ie: don't flip an Oct beacon Green) Also beware when retuning mis-colored beacons in home faction space, or colored beacons in neutral, Hyp, or Aman space as you will need to set Honor Guard to do so.


2. UMEC Combat Policy: No UMEC pilot should ever initiate combat. If you are shot at, you are free to return fire. Try to get the name of the pilot shooting at you as well as squad affiliation. Never hesitate to call for back-up if you don't like the situation.


3. UMEC Honor Guard Policy: UMEC pilots are permitted to use HG Tags, However: when flying with HG tags you may be fired upon and killed for any number of reasons. Pilots who choose to fly HG do so at their own risk, as they may not recive squad support if they get into trouble. If an UMEC pilot is attacked while flying HG it is considered a personal matter, not a squad matter.


4. Honor Guard Duels: While Dueling is generally frowned uppon by UMEC there are times when it becomes neccisary. A Duel should be an honorable affair, with both pilots agreeing to fight. No squad interfearance should be expected nor asked for. Once the duel is complete honor has been satisfied and the matter is closed.


5: Bounty Collection: UMEC pilots are not bounty hunters and will not attack to collect bounties unless said bounty was incurred via an attack on an UMEC pilot.


These Policies are subject to change. I will try to announce changes on the forums as they happen.

-MadCat (UMEC President)


Last Update: 3-12-2002



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