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Corporate Goals

Well then, this is where i wax loquatious on my "vision" and what not. *cough* To be honest, i want to make 'Ordo Ministorum' the best corporation in Eve-online, bar none.


  • Amarr only membership
  • Limiting agent runners to a dozen corporations.
  • Focusing on Tech1 blueprints with NO corporate research (see Titles)
  • Focusing on legitimate Empire business, and avoiding PvP
  • Restricting operations to areas near HQ


  • Which are the best ways to make the most Isk per minute for Mining, Trading, Agents and Bounty Hunters?
  • Have i picked the best corporations to have offices at?
  • Is roleplay without heavy pvp possible? Can we involve ourselves with Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA]?


  • To supply the corporate hangars with utility ships and modular logistics kits. (see sample)
  • To maintain each base with a dozen named station containers for security and convenience
  • To have locked down BPOs at every factory equipped office, modular of course (Current list)
  • To maintain Chaven Academy with a complete outfitting for n00bs including basic skillbooks in a modular format. (see sample)
  • Finally, my ultimate goal is to sell such "modular" kits


A distinct 'division of labour' for differing career choices into the ministries of Commerce, Defense, Energy and State.

I have almost every single office i wanted, near penirgman, plus I have highly detailed bookmark sets for all nearby constellations, mostly for trade and a few safe mining spots (agent runners and pirate hunters utilize afterburners mostly)

I also have a highly classified map of cross-region commodity items that has enabled me to reap enormous profits and thus support such a massive logistics effort from my own pocket.

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