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First, all the weapon classes; hybrid, laser and projectile are divided into two categories, a short range and a long range catagory. The short range category has better tracking, but very short optimal, the long range guns have crap tracking. Hybrids are divided into "railguns" for long range, and "Blasters" for short range. Lasers are "beam" for long range, and "pulse" lasers are short range. Next, all turret modules occur as a standard item you can buy on the market. There are 5 standard "small" lasers: Gattling Pulse Laser, Dual Light Pulse Laser, Med. Pulse Laser, Dual Light Beam Laser, Med. Beam Laser. These modules can be traded on the market, and manufactured by players.

However, in a similar fashion to fantasy CRPGs, there are "magic" versions of these weapons. In eve theyre called "named" modules. Named modules are improvements on the standard modules, and have different names. The named versions typically use less CPU, and in the case of turrets, do more damage, use less CAP and have greater optimal range. There are a range of named versions, each with the stats increased (typically) by +5%, +10%, +15% and +20%
In Exodus you can buy and sell "named" items on the market

For convenience, and to get a view of the woods instead of the trees, i've placed all the "basic" versions in a list with links to their information (both ingame and out) Unfortunately, the ingame version of this page doesn't give the detail that an external browser does, sorry. (i was hoping for right click market details, but no joy) The list below is only for Frigate and Destroyer class modules. i figure anything larger is superfluous since you'd better not be a n00b flying a cruiser+ and if you are i'm not gonna bother helping a munchkin.


Dual Light Beam Laser I
Medium Beam Laser I
Dual Light Pulse Laser I
Medium Pulse Laser I
Gatling Pulse Laser I


75mm gatling railgun I
125mm railgun I
150mm railgun I
light ion blaster I
light electron blaster I
light neutron blaster I


125mm gatling autocannon I
150mm light autocannon I
200mm autocannon I
250mm light artillery cannon I
280mm howitzer artillery I


rocket launcher I
standard missile launcher I
assault missile launcher I

BTW, if you're thinking of SmartBomb technology, i'd recommend only using a "Plasma" smartbomb. thermal damage is the best all around damage dealer, and since the new deadspace complexes skew the rat type you'll be facing on missions to a random factor, plasma bombs are going to be your best friend because they deal the best damage across all types of NPC resistances.


The Punisher (amarrfrig3) For 0.5 and 0.6 asteroid NPC pirate spawns - the toughest thing to survive are the sabretooth EMP missiles thrown at you by Sansha 'Enslaver' frigates. Not nice people them.

I'd recommend a 1mn afterburner (Navig1; AB1) in the midslot *cries because pre-exodus you could fit a 10mn* In the other midslot i'd suggest a cap recharger (engnrng2; energygridup2.) Next go with one or two small armour repair slot1 modules (Mech1; RepairSys.)...the other two i'd recommend overdrive injectors (Mech1; HullUps.)

okay, with engineeringlvl2 you get 46.2pwr output to play with. minus the above items gives you 15.2pwr for 3 turrets (the fourth would be for a smartbomb if we can squeeze it in. doubful) Hmmm...okay, so 3 turrets at 5pwr each would narrow that down to...Mmmmm...the only thing we can fit is 3 gatling pulse lasers.

  • engineeringlvl3 and remove the cap recharger = the 3 extra power you need for 3 dual light pulse lasers
  • remove one of the small armour repairers and remove the cap recharger = 6 extra power you'd need for 3 Medium Pulse Lasers
and how about that smartbomb i was yapping about? hmmmmmm...well, if you replaced one of the small armor repairers with an overdrive injector you could slap a micro plasma smartbomb onboard (Engnrng2; Science2; EnergyPulseWpns.) Of course, that would be kind of silly because you'd have 3 gatling lasers anyways which could handle sansha minions quite handily anyways.

actually, to tell you the truth, i'd recommend following the 'walkthrough' instead