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There are ten ranks available for corporate members. The top two are CEO and Director.


  • An Acolyte has the role 'Personnel Manager' which allows you to process applications for folks wanting to join the corporation. You can't fire anyone or give/take any roles or titles as a Personnel Manager so i feel it's safe to give everyone a sense of involvement.

    An Acolyte also has the role 'Rent Research' which allows you to rent a laboratory slot - if 'publically available' at a station equipped with such a service - for the corporation which, at the present time is a huge security risk *

      The corporation keeps it's wallet completely drained for a number of reasons, so if you want to rent you'll have to 'give' how many isk is required and then the fee will be deducted from the corp wallet when you rent the slot

    Finally, you have the role 'Config Equipment'. This allows you to fiddle with containers inside corporate hangars, including "locking" and "unlocking" items inside - Your access to corporate hangars is restricted** by means of station containers that track the use of such a role.
  • An '(Arch)Deacon/ess' gains 'Rent Factory' and 'Factory Manager'; The first allows you to rent a factory slot - same as above - for the corporation. The second role allows you to operate all corporate factory slots, by installing blueprints and ordering 'runs' of how many batches you require or have minerals for placed into 'Industry' hangar. Even though you can't view that hangar, you'll be able to use the minerals placed there (This makes your contribution both permanent and secure)...At bases other than Chaven, the reverse is true for blueprints inside the 'Library' hangar. For, unlike Chaven's BPOs, these aren't locked down.

    Hangar access, other than the Academy hangars (and HQ) opens up so you'll be able to store and drop off loot to corporate hangars instead of relying solely on your 'items' bay (you'll note that 'assets' panel gets bloated real fast) -- please use a station container for such a purpose (either the ones provided by the corp or one you bought yourself and placed inside the hangars)...This keeps down the clutter in your 'Assets' window - An empty assets window is VERY useful when you go on a shopping spree and forget where that "whatchamacallit" you just bought is located -- just remember you cannot take containers from hangars other than 'Ships.'

  • An 'Arch(Priest)/ess' gains the roles 'Auditor', 'Junior Accountant', 'Security Officer'...The roles seem rather mundane and they are. Since this rank is gained once you pilot a Battlecruiser and Battleship, one could care less while flying these cool ships. Besides, this is where you gain Corporate Shares and are able to vote on matters of policy. Dividends, apparently, need some tweaking by CONCORD techies. soon...
  • An '(Arch)Bishop' gains the role 'Trader'. This allows you to purchase and sell items using the corporate wallet and have the items show up in 'Deliveries' window. (that's handy because you can buy something and another corp member can pick it up, avoiding 'escrow' transfers)

    Access is also granted to the 'Library' and 'Industry' hangars of all offices, except HQ.

  • A 'Cardinal' gains all roles and access rights, plus gains every grantable role privilege; They also gain the ability to actually remove containers from hangars other than 'Ships'

    Access is also granted to the HeadQuarter's hangars filled with named gear and advanced skillbooks plus cruisers, battlecruisers and battleships along with numerous unlocked blueprint originals.

  • A 'Director' has the ability to edit the corporate info screen; Also the ability to edit individual member titles and where they are based at, plus place votes and other things of sensitive nature - up to and including unrenting of offices.
  • A 'CEO' is the only person allowed to edit the names of 'hangars' and edit the corporate logo.

Access Privileges

Basically, at almost any station (where we have an office; approx.80 near penirgman) you can see and take from 'Ships', 'slot1-3' and 'Barracks' hangars. (only at chaven can you access the 'Library'; At the hq you can't see anything)...At bases other than Chaven and HQ, if you're between Acolyte and Bishop rank, you'll notice that you have 'take' ability from the 'Industry' hangar but not 'view' ability (and the reverse for the 'Library') - this is to enable use of factories, while restricting access to said hangars.

'Headquarters' is located at Penirgman7 Ministry station; The 'Based at' location is always Chaven Naval Academy; The 'Other' bases are any base but HQ and Chaven.

General Title Role and Accounts
HQ Hangar and Containers
Chaven Hangar and Containers
Other Hangar and Containers

*-As you can see, practically everyone can use/(un)rent factories and laboratories for the corporation. Our factories have locked-down blueprints for the curious or those in need of resupply. Simply load up the 'Industry' hangar with whatever minerals you'll need and off you go. Please, ONLY rent labs for the corporation if you're using it to conveniently swap labs between alts or friends in the corp. Until CONCORD separates unrenting from usage i'm afraid the security of any corp lab is at risk. I feel the need for factory use takes precedence over lab security. Besides, rent the lab for personal use. that's the best security until CONCORD fixes the 'Factory Manager' role

**-Owing to a rather surprising oversight by the folks at CONCORD, access to the hangars at Chaven Academy and other stations have been severely impacted due to the fact station container audit logs only track who places items into the container and fails to track who takes items. Debating between forcing members to wait till authorized personnel unlock needed items, or allowing new members to have the role 'config equipment' (and keeping restocks under heavy access restrictions), the corporation has decided on the latter policy.

Senior Members

Hereticus - Cardinal
Sentee - Cardinal
Cheru'bael - Founder and CEO