When you experiment with windows and different chat channels you'll notice two things: 1) you can join/group ('snap' together) different windows  2) local and corp chat can never be 'closed'                                                                  

I found the whole mess frustrating because sometimes i'd close something i only wanted to minimize...then i discovered anything snapped to the local or corp chat never 'closed' either...that's when i began a long experiment in the most efficient means of snapping.                                                                        What you see is my final, for now, adjustment that fixes the most frustrating part of station duty:  The Fitting window.  The most important things to have open are the corporate hangar bays and also the 'items' window...the cargo bay is never important because you can't 'repackage' in cargo (making it useless for fitting; keep it out of the way and preferably closed)


If found the most frustrating things were the clutter and what i really didn't need at all. I found that the 'journal' was the most frustrating, but least used window. i therefore advocate keeping it ENTIRELY separate and always closed until needed.                                                                           There was also the endless annoying cargo hold that has the tendency, if snapped, to eliminate blinking of a much needed chat reminder, when jumping or docking...Therefore i finally gave up and also made this in the same category as journal:  keep it totally separate from everything else and closed whenever possible.