Recruiting Poster(out-of-game)


Acolyte Rank; Executioner Frigate

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Deacon/ess Rank; Coercer Destroyer

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ArchDeacon/ess Rank; Maller Cruiser

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Priest/ess Rank; Prophecy BattleCruiser

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ArchPriest/ess Rank; Apocalypse Battleship

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This guide dives straight into hard-core Scordite mining operations and doesn't stop for a breather. You will note though that every attempt is made to accommodate combat and agent running skills along with trading ability during this period. So, even though the walkthrough focuses entirely on Scordite mining, you yourself can enjoy any other pursuit while on this walkthrough. If there's no refining specialist around, make sure you sell the Scordite ore for 14+isk each

The preferred starting characters and kits are Wealthy Amarr Commoners or Ni-Kunni Border runners, with high Perception (+3) and Intelligence (+2), who've specialized in the Captaincy career (screenshot) - This allows outfitting of 1000m/s Executioner-class frigates within the hour, and a Coercer-class Destroyer command, with promotion to Deacon, within a half day of graduation. Being promoted rapidly to ArchDeacon rank, within 5 days, the new recruits will be flying Maller-class Cruisers. Within the first 10 days from graduation, a Priest will be flying a Prophecy-class Battlecruiser (draining 491.4m3/min; filling a 'jetcan' in 56minutes; not including 500m3 drone space.)

Whenever there's a downtime and the players's next skill will take less time than sleep or work, the character should be set to train Mining. Once mining is at level4, the default downtime skill then becomes spaceship command, then Drones, Missile lnchr ops and then Targetting. Everything is dedicated to a Scordite mining career in an Apocalypse-class Battleship, before the month is out - with Amarr Industrial for bulk ore, mineral and commodity hauling (slang: 'indy') - with the rank of Archpriest. Bookmarks (bms) will be provided that cut down transit time (slang: 'insta-jump'.)

Because selling unrefined Scordite ore is competitive with everything except highly skilled refiners, Scordite refining is handled by corporate specialists. This is why Social and Industry skills are de-emphasized. These refiners are also research, manufacturing and agent specialists as well.

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