DRONE OPS - PART 1; Initial

If you loaded your drones at the station into your drone bay, you'll see this menu choice below 'overview'...if you don't see this then you don't have any drones. period; Left click to expand drone menu

DRONE OPS - PART 2; Opening Bay

You now see the two submenu folders that contain 'docked' and 'launched' drones. You can launch drones if you want, right now, but sometimes you only want certain types to launch (or you have the space, but not the skill to launch them all,) so it's a good idea to have groups; Left click to expand 'drones in bay' folder

DRONE OPS - PART 3; New Group

Here you see a bunch of ungrouped drones. You hold down either the shift or the ctrl key and left click each drone till all are selected, then right click and choose 'move drone' and 'new group...'                                                                     You'll notice i have a combat group already set up because i already created that group before i made this tutorial.

DRONE OPS - PART 4; The Pop-up

here is the pop-up. uhm...pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any speeling questoinz feeel free too ask

DRONE OPS - PART 5; Launching Group

This is where you launch your group. Normally one would simply go from Part 1 to Part 5, without needing to open the group folder at all. Right click to bring up launch menu

DRONE OPS - PART 6; Targeting

This is the bit everyone has trouble on. first of all your drones need to have a target that's appropriate. (1) target needs to be locked (2) target needs to be in range (3) target needs to be selected


Well, if you got part 6 correct, you'll be able to right click and order the group to mine and they'll whistle while they work! actually, that's just your cpu fan overclocking. Anyways, where was i? oh yes, i was going to talk about bugs and how some drones say