BOOKMARK COPYING - PART 1; Folder Creation

Bookmarks (BMs or 'insta-jumps') are extremely useful, but time consuming to create, items that fit into your 'Peoples and Places' places window. They are useful because you can customize where in space you will warp to within 15km, and if that point is 15km beyond another point in space you travel to constantly, you'll come out right on top of that. You'll collect quite a number of these 'bms' during your stay so it's best to organize them via folders.

BOOKMARK COPYING - PART 2; Selecting Container

After creating a test folder we open up the appropriate container holding the bookmarks we want. Usually there's a number of such containers, each named as you would the folder in 'Places' section of 'Peoples and Places'...For now, this example shows us selecting all the bookmarks in the sample container.

BOOKMARK COPYING - PART 3; Moving to Items

Since you cannot move bookmarks from a hangar container to your 'places' folder, and since you cannot copy (holding shift key while moving) them at all until you get them into 'places' folder, you simply drag the selected bms to 'items' window...As a side note, you can actually use the 'cargo bay' instead of 'items' for this process.


After selecting, again, the bookmarks in 'items' one drags them over to the 'Places' folder created in part 1...sometimes, depending on your CPU speed, this could take some time if there's lots of bms


Finally, you have the bookmarks installed. We do ask for common courtesy and having you copy (shift select and shift drag**) the bookmarks you just installed back to the container from which they came.                                                                                                               **-(1) Open up the bookmark folder you wish to copy from. This process assumes you're copying all the bookmarks. (2) left click the top bm.  (3) scroll down and, while holding 'shift', left click the last bm. (4) those two actions = 'select all' (5) open up the hangar/cargo/items window you'll be copying to. (6) Then, you hold down 'shift' again...and keep hoding it down till you see me give the order to stop. (7) Go back to your bookmark folder and left-click-drag the contents to the destination window. (8) Wait till it processes the copy action completely before letting go of the 'shift' key. (8) fini