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The Ordo Ministorum has four Cabinet Portfolios. The Cabinet is made up of the top ranking officers. The CEO and his Cabinet are the focus for policy-making and decision taking. Decisions are taken by individual Cabinet Members, in many cases regarding their portfolio, and in full Cabinet for major policy matters.

  • Ministry of Commerce (MoC):
    Contracts, Mining, Trade and Transport (your basic 'Achiever'-type Division)
    The Power to Change One's Role in Life
  • Ministry of Defense (MoD):
    Bounty Hunting, Espionage, Internal Security and Reconnaissance. (your basic 'Killer'-type Division)
    No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy
  • Ministry of Energy (MoE):
    Bookmarks, Logistics, Training and Website. (your basic, 'Explorer'-type Division)
    The Setting's Cultural Expectations
  • Ministry of State (MoS):
    Corporate Affairs*, Finance**, Manufacturing*** and Refining****. (your basic, 'Socializer'-type Division)
    To Bring Order from Chaos
  • *-Diplomatic/Internal/Media Affairs plus Recruiting
    **-Budgets, Rents, Shares and Taxes
    ***-Factory and Laboratory management
    ****-includes Agent Running for standings


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