Bookmark Creation

                                        In a nutshell you must fly to the opposite side of the gate and orient yourself so that you are (15 km - gate diameter/2) meters past the gate in line with the origin.                                        If you look back and see the origin symbol it must be within about 1 cm of the destination symbol. If it is too far away slow your ship and maneover until conditions A and B are met.                                        If the destination object's diameter is greater than 30 km you can set the bookmark in its center and it will be reachable from any direction.[/list][i]Name your bookmarks: Dest -Origin(s)                                        The origins must be second because there may be more than one so you always want to alphabetize on destination. Use 4-letter abbreviations because if you use the full system name then it may be too long for the context menu and get cutoff.                                        Example: Aida -Covr,Dast,5                                        To the Aidart gate (in Stacmon) from either the Covryn gate, the Dastryn gate, or anything at or in the vicinity of planet 5. You do not need to mention the system name because that is already shown in a special column in People and Places.                                        simplistic enough, except where's this magical FAQ that tells us the diameter of all things great and small? The 'magical' size listing is in the overview.  Just turn on 'size' column.  It is listed in diameter of an object.

For complete insta-jump/bookmark/bm instructions please see this link (in external browser)