My internet handle is "MajorFreak" and i go under the nickname "Muffy" (catchy extension for the acronym "MF") -- My MMOG gaming history is on the bio for Hereticus and my gaming experience is on the bio for Cheru'bael. As for my RL job, i'm a help-desk professional

My personal thoughts for creating a corporation are very simple:

  • NECESSITY: The loot, all the bloody loot. I needed a place to organize everything...not to mention i absolutely loathe a messy 'assets' panel.
  • APPEARANCE: I created a corporation in the hope that it would help build an atmosphere -- i suppose you'd call it stage props -- in order to solidify my desire to live in an eve-universe tinted with a 'warhammer 40k' (gothic sci-fi) and 'heavy gear' (Intrigue) colour.
  • REALITY: The corporation has a definite religious theme, except i'm personally totally agnostic or whatever. I was baptized roman catholic but hardly went to church as a child...not to mention only passing interest in the faith. *shrug* I honestly don't know why i picked the Theology Council and a 'Sisters of Battle' line of roleplaying...And a bit of Sinfest humour influence in my journal. Besides, you can only be a heretic once baptized. haha
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL: Created 4 very distinct corporate careers and named the "ministries" after the most common RL government departments - Being assured that, if nothing else, governments know about 'division of labour' (i applied Occam's razor and even Bartle's types to the formula) -- This will allow both fast-paced and relaxed playstyles to feel like they play a part in both the corporation and the gaming community itself.

    Bartle's Types

    So, labelling the four player types abstracted, we get: achievers, explorers, socialisers and killers. An easy way to remember these is to consider suits in a conventional pack of cards: achievers are Diamonds (they're always seeking treasure); explorers are Spades (they dig around for information); socialisers are Hearts (they empathise with other players); killers are Clubs (they hit people with them).
  • ROLEPLAYING: Personally, my take on the whole RP thing is that PvP is intertwinned with roleplaying at it's core. Now, having said that, there's more ways to PvP than around the barrel of a gun. The very concept of a MMOG is community and - if we're mature enough to get away from the teenage cliqueish mentality - community implies pvp, philosophically speaking.
      i've actually wrote up a thesis on why roleplaying has more in common with the pvp crowd, and that was based on a critique of Bartle's Types
    So, i'm assuming there's not much room for roleplaying in any mmog that doesn't involve some level of 'feedback' - In the community sense of pvp, not the purist 'pvp' throttle jockey attitude, but not excluding it entirely either. (laissez-faire competition)
      ie. The difference between scripted events/storyarcs and actual freestyle roleplay. I think both are two sides of one coin: You have the PLAN stage, and then you have the ACTING stage.
    Until the corporation actually attracts the critical mass of members, then any roleplaying i'll be concocting will be pure 'backstory'...I do have some inspirations from eve and elsewhere.

    Short Story - The Forsaken Ruins

    The deification of Moreau began to resonate deeply within the souls of the Amarr among the Immensea. While some were born directly into the cult, every Amarr was still deeply rooted in his or her belief in One God, and that hell itself awaited anyone who blasphemed the Faith by creating false idols to worship. "For the Amarr," said Veniel, "it is better to have never been born, should you be guilty of this sin." As for Moreau, the only evil more sinister than worshiping an idol was to claiming to be one. In the end, the religious conscience of the Amarrs proved to be too much, and they tried unsuccessfully to assassinate Moreau.
    okay, so that counts out the current emperor playing the god-emperor bit. One is curious about stifling the old order though. I'm assuming once the Apostle council regained power they attempted to restrain the old power of the "first among equals", thus threatening the basic dictatorial powers of the emperor. That's the only reason i believe the eradication of the old order was needed. Of course, attempting to roleplay a situation where one believes the Order of Tetrimon to be terrorists now is tricky at best. Why not support a group that attempts to recreate a better, more democratic amarr government? Besides the throw-away argument that this order is probably funded by not-nice people, i'd have to invoke the 'heretic' theory plagarized from Warhammer 40k. (this would shy a little close to the religious, but i suppose that's inevitable with this roleplay scenario)

    Designer Notes

    Was a Puritan one who believed that all Psykers (including Astropaths and Librarians) are evil? Or was that an ultra Radical? Might an exceptionally Puritanical Inquisitor extend his hatred of Psykers to the Emperor himself, the greatest Psyker of Humanity? All in all, it led to many theosophical discussions about the nature of divinity and what made a being a god. And you thought this was all about toy soldiers and rolling dice.

    Source Book

    "...However, we cannot in all faith dictate to or indoctrinate our agents in this respect, for it is this very individuality, strength of mind and belief, and sense of personal responsibility which enables them to perform the dire tasks we ask of them. The Inquisition does not need unfeeling machines, it needs reasoning men who have the courage to enforce their convictions."
    There are differing disciplines within the WarHammar ministorum itself. much debate and infighting has occurred over the interpretation of what a heresy is. Is it a tool to be used for good, or is it evil, ipso facto?
  • PRAGMATICS: I felt, in the interests of roleplay integrity, and plain economics, to restrict agent runners to a dozen corporations (9 amarr, 2 gallente, 1 caldari and 0 minmatar.) Our many offices are only at these NPC corp stations, plus only if the agents are worth making a base for (or strategic considerations)...I did this mostly out of pragmatics and thus will be creating a 'roleplay' backstory of "why" i chose the offices of these corporations. Obviously, i'm putting Theology council first and minmatar dead last, but beyond that i'm pretty much in the dark...for now.
  • PURPOSE: beyond the desires to create a backstory and storyline i feel a deep need to create a simple goal. A clear vision in order to solidify a rather aimless and pointless MMOG existence. Why are we here? Why do we play this game without an endgame cutscene? Who wins or loses such an endless "game"? What's the point?

      You miss the point if you forget "Community"
    My simple and clear vision is to provide logistics to other player corporations in Empire space. We have a "home" and restrictions on which NPC corp agents are communicated with. We share our loot and our strategies for efficient revenue gathering. Beyond that one is free to explore and enrich oneself in a game without end in a community where transients mingle with long time friends and "enemies"
  • FUNCTION: Our ability to roleplay will come from our contacts, professions, experience and understanding that will grow, in time to become one of the best corps in eve-online.

See, the way i look at it is, "you mean i get to work in outerspace, as an astronaut, for $15/month?"