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Corporate Affairs*, Finance**, Manufacturing*** and Refining****. (your basic, 'Socializer'-type Division)
To Bring Order from Chaos

*-Diplomatic/Internal/Media Affairs plus Recruiting
**-Budgets, Rents, Shares and Taxes
***-Factory and Laboratory management
****-includes Agent Running for standings

Well, you see the reason the corp has so many offices is to provide a place to stuff loot (that is dropped by npc pirates, and agent mission rewards)...That and places to stock up with gear stored at centralized corporate DEPOTS that have the ability to manufacture most of the gear we might need to equip our ship with (this includes ammo and expendibles.) The third reason we have so many offices is because the best agents of a single corporation are usually spread out over a number of stations - and it's convenient to have an office at each station with the best agents of that corporation (that are not too far from our HQ at penirgman.) To prevent too many offices and bankruptcy through rental bills, the corporation has limited itself to "aligning" itself with a dozen NPC corporations with stations in Amarr empire space.

    The corporation has but four rules:
  • Any loot that you're not going to use/sell you must dump at any corporate hangar.
  • You must restrict yourself to running missions for the corporations listed on the right.
  • Items in corporate hangars are made by corp members for corp members ONLY.
  • Do attempt to keep as many [inexpensive] items as possible on corporate instead of personal hangar floors.

The rental bills each month are growing, and if the rents at some places get REALLY large (like 25million/month) then i might have to either consider switching to another corporation with lesser rents, or simply unrenting the most expensive offices. Except there's a few stations which we simply MUST retain. Making the rent is no problem, it's just an ongoing process of deciding which 12 corporations are best for us.

Theology Council                                    size=large;extent=national                         The last great vestige of the religious sect that once rules the empire, the Theology Council has the same role as the supreme court has in other empires. It also acts a moral police and hunter of heretics, which gives it considerable power within the empire, allowing it to investigate, question and even imprison almost anyone at its whim.

                                                               Competitor: Amarr Certified News    Implants: Charisma
Amarr Navy                                          size=large;extent=national                          The Amarr Navy operates under the simple doctrine of applying overwhelming force to any given situation. The Amarr Navy has almost twice as many ships as the next two empire navies put together, though the quality of some of the Amarrian ships are questionable as many of them has not been refitted for decades and are almost obsolete.

                                                               Partner: Emperor Family       Competitor: Republic Fleet       Implants: Perception
Emperor Family                                  size=Large;extent=National                        Once a new emperor has been chosen his immediate family is severed from their old royal families and join the remnants of the old emperor's family. The emperor family owns vast estates throughout the empire and wields considerable political power, not the least because it has the ear of the emperor. The wife of the emperor, as well as his mother, have often in the past been the most powerful figures in the empire, controlling the emperor like a puppet behind the scenes.

                                                               Competitor: Theology Council     Implants: All
Imperial Academy                                    size=Tiny;extent=National                            The Imperial Academy is rooted in tradition and generally considered sub-par to the more modern military institutes found in the other empires. However, it is the only one of its kind within the Amarr Empire, thus serving a vital function.

                                                               Implants: Int/Per
Ministry of Internal Order                          size=large;extent=national                         The Amarr authorities have vast experience in molding their citizens as they want. The Ministry of Internal Order is responsible for hunting down disgruntled elements in the society and eradicating them. Since first contact the Ministry of Internal Order is also responsible for monitoring the activities of foreigners within the Amarr border, especially Minmatar terrorist cells.

                                                               Partner: Theology Council       Competitor: Imperial Chancellor      Implants: Perception
Sarum Family                                        size=medium;extent=regional                        The Sarum family has always been the most belligerent of the royal families, always willing to take up arms whenever required. The family has vested interest in the Amarr military and the armaments industry. They are the only royal family that wants to revive the Reclaiming efforts of old. 

                                                               Partner: Ministry of War     Implants: Perception
Amarr Civil Service                                          size=Large;extent=National                              The Amarr Empire is a bureaucratic juggernaut and the Amarr Civil Service has taken on a life of its own at the center of the vast web of governmental offices and institutions. The civil service is the largest employer within the empire and wields considerable political power through its ability to smother or speed up cases.

                                                         Partner: Ministry of Assessment        Competitor: Amarr Navy        Implants: unknown
Court Chamberlain                                        size=Small;extent=local                             The Court Chamberlain is the right hand of the emperor, wherever he goes the power of the emperor goes with him. He can speak for the emperor, even on delicate matters, and can give orders in the name of the emperor. To some extent, the Court Chamberlain is a mere figurehead, appearing instead of the emperor in many state functions.

                                                               Partner: Imperial Armaments     Competitor: Amarr Constructions       Implants:  unknown
Further Foodstuffs                                  size=Medium;extent=Local                              A small agricultural company jointly owned by the Ardishapur and Sarum families. The products of Further Foodstuffs are mostly used by the subjects of these two families, with what little is left surplus allowed to be sold on the open market. This has curbed the expansion opportunities of the company, though it means the fleets of Ardishapur and Sarum will never lack for food.

                                                               Partner: Amarr Constructions        Competitor: Joint Harvesting        Implants: Willpower
HZO Refinery                                        size=medium;extent=regional                           A small, but aggressive mining company that has concentrated its operation in the highly disputed regions between Minmatar and Ammatar space. Many of these areas are very mineral rich and HZO Refinery has shown a hefty profit in recent years. The company is backed by the Ammatar authorities and the Sarum family, which has given the company the military power it needs to operate safely in this hotly contested space.

                                                               Partner: Ammatar Fleet      Competitor: Ministry of Assessment      Implants: Willpower
Aliastra                                            size=Large;extent=Global                              A well-run retail company that has a broad inter-stellar scope, with operations in all the empires. Aliastra has not been able to compete domestically with FedMart, but has seen moderate success in other empires.

                                                               Partner: Federation Navy        Competitor: Quafe Company        Implants: Charisma
TransStellar Shipping                               size=Huge;extent=Global                             The largest shipping company in the world of EVE, TransStellar Shipping offers a cheap and reliable service almost anywhere. Considered the next best thing to InterBus in interstellar shipping, TransStellar Shipping is a stellar example of a big company getting bigger due to pure marketing muscle.

                                                         Partner: Aliastra        Competitor: Combined Harvest        Implants: Memory