Ministry of Energy

Bookmarks, Logistics, Training and Website. (your basic, 'Explorer'-type Division)
The Setting's Cultural Expectations
well, basically, this is where the corp keeps it's "to-do" list regarding corporate maintenance and odds and ends. The stuff which one doesn't make any profit out of, it's just a big time/money blackhole. lol

to do list:

I think perhaps we're going to have to drop Kaalakiota from our roster of "preferred agents/stations" and focus on the fact we're not interested in heavy industry yet. (ie. Research Agents and Tech2 blueprints) fact the whole concept of Laboratories and Research - in the way it's been coded by CCP - precludes a friendly sharing atmosphere. *shrug* I suppose that's okay, since the corp is going to have to be flexible enough to allow members to pursue advanced research on their own. More secure that way anyways.

Hopefully, i won't have to crack any heads about running missions for Minmatar NPC corporations.

The other tricky business is simplifying the website drop down menu to match the four 'divisions' i've chosen...hopefully it'll be intuitive. Course, then there's the umpteen html source pages i'll have to edit. blech.