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Ore Profits

Ore calc (M Interstellar)
refined amounts all assume refininglvl0/standings0 and basic ore type.
VELDSPAR                                                    located in Amarr region system of 1.0 security level and below.
'JetCan'=275000 units ore
refined= 6858m3 total
SCORDITE                                                    located in Amarr region system of 1.0 security level and below.
'JetCan'=183333 units ore
refined= 5710m3 total
PYROXERES                                                  located in Amarr region system of 0.9 security level and below.
'JetCan'=91666 units ore
refined= 2364m3 total
KERNITE                                                      located in Amarr region system of 0.7 security level and below.
'JetCan'=22916 units ore
refined= 732m3 total
JASPET                                                    located in Amarr region system of 0.4 security level and below.
'JetCan'=13750 units ore
refined= 291m3 total


specialist skills:
Refining lvl5
Refining Efficiency lvl3
Veldspar Specializ. lvl3
Scordite Specializ. lvl3
Pyroxer. Specializ. lvl3
Kernite Specializ. lvl3
Jaspet Specializ. lvl0
HZO standing 2.9

Ministry of Commerce - Mining

Contracts, Mining, Trade and Transport (your basic 'Achiever'-type Division)
The Power to Change One's Role in Life
Let's get right to the meat of things: Mining is okay, but it's not spectacular. Trading is. Course, hauling commodities around assumes you have a few cool million, plus the skill to fly an industrial ship...Actually, more than a few cool million, but we'll show you how to get there. You can pick any route, although this "guide" assumes you'll make your first millions by mining. (being the MoC, of course) ...We have a few dedicated mining spots, and the bookmarks to prove it, but first let's concentrate on making your mining career efficient.

external browser link only
(custom MOD package)

  • First off, use an external browser and grab that timer (click the pic) and the customer import file. See the readme.txt file included.
  • Make sure you've talked to your first agent and complete all missions he/she gives you. You'll know when you're done since you'll have 1.0 Amarr Empire Faction standing. (character sheet/standings/liked by)
  • Once you've done this, and have the skill to fly a Coercer destroyer, the corp will lend you one plus supply co-processors and XeCL mining lasers. (I suggest the walkthrough be followed to the letter)
  • With a destroyer under your belt, and the rank of 'Deacon/ess' you'll be able to access the hangars at Somouh HZO refinery. Head there asap.
  • Once there access and copy the bookmarks from the container in 'Barracks' hangar
  • Once at a asteroid belt set your windows to optimal configuration for mining.
  • start karen's timer and set your mining lasers to activate just before the timer counts to zero
  • If you have another member of the corp nearby, ask for 'indy' assistance to haul your mined ore to base where they will dump to 'industry' hangar for the corp refining specialist to deal with. You'll receive 100% of the cut, if you want, since the faster you gain money the faster you'll gain MORE money hauling
  • Mining with an 'indy' support ship is alot more efficient than hauling your ore to base everytime your cargo bay fills up. They can haul about 10,000m3+ worth with cargo expanders and giant containers aboard.
  • To help the haulers save time please stick to within 1km of your warp-in point (using bookmark), since the 'indy' ships are always very slow
  • To mine alot more than your cargo hold allows, use the 'jettison' right click command on the ore, open up the 'jetcan' once it appears and then simply drag your ore to the 'jetcan' once a minute
  • 'jetcans' last 2 hours exactly, so if you're in doubt feel free to jettison another can and shift everything to the new can...cargo space on these 'jetcans' are 27,500m3
  • don't bother with buying secure cargo containers because somouh is 0.9 security level and you can't enable the 'secure' feature unless you're in a system of less than 0.8 security.
  • finally, to the left are icons of the various ores. click on the images to see more details (custom made, alot more than simply the official spiel)